Amigos Playing Cards

Little known fact about Brad: He is a sucker for playing cards. He has quite the collection and it is growing every day. You may have noticed his affinity for card decks when we posted about the Thick Lines deck, or the Mailchimp Deck, or the playing card-esque Alice in Wonderland project. Now we have a new set of playing cards to show you (three to be exact). Amigos Playing Cards is a new project on Kickstarter to produce three decks of cards, one by each of the prominent designers Alonzo Felix, Frank Chimero, and Jessica Hische.

This project was created by web and iOS company Fictive Kin and was origionally meant to be an online club for people to play card games. The beauty of the cards created by Felix, Chimero, and Hische just couldn’t be limited to online, so Fictive Kin decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to get the cards printed. Their goal is to have them printed and sent out to their backers by the Holidays. Decks can be purchased individually or at discounted prices as pairs or as a full set. Check out the campaign here.



It isn’t news that cyclists and motorists don’t always get along. We see a lot more waving with one finger than with all five. Why can’t everyone just share the road and be nice? Our friends at The Butler Bros decided to do something about it, so they started Wave, a social good brand.

For as friendly as the people are here in Austin, Texas, they seem to forget their manners when they get on the road. The Wave project is all about bringing attention to the fact that we are all sharing these roads, so why not be kind to those you share it with? To emphasize the point, the Wave project’s slogan is simply, “Roll Nice.” Going back to the basics, why not start with a friendly wave.

We had the amazing opportunity to contribute to the project by designing one of the t-shirts for sale in the Wave shop. It was our way of supporting the project, and hopefully help make a way for others to contribute by purchasing and supporting the project.

Take a look at their site and contribute by purchasing vinyl stickers or shirts from their shop, or by simply sharing the news via social sites. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Roll nice y’all!

WAVE Campaign


Peruvian Blankets


11+ Felt Case Scandinavian Style Enamel Teapot  Kami Wood Mug Flux ChairSenba Tea

Friday Likes


We are very excited to announce the relaunch of our shop, The Brave Shop! We have stocked it up and added a ton of new prints for purchasing. We wanted to make as much of our work available to you all as possible, so go check it out and see what you think. As part of this relaunch, we are also running a giveaway for the next week. You can enter by following the steps on the PunchTab widget above, and take your chance at winning a giclée print of your choosing from the shop. Check out the new Brave Shop and let us know what you think!


The Brave Shop Relaunch and Giveaway


Our friends over at Column Five Media are always creating really cool data visualizations, and this one is no different. This annual report for Krochet Kids Intl. is not only visually unique and interesting, but it is for a company that has the awesome mission of empowering women. If you look at it on their website, you can’t fully comprehend everything that went into creating this report until you see behind the scenes. It is always nice to see companies stepping away from the computer and using tangible mediums to create awesome, interesting work.

We love the creativity and cleverness in using yarn to create the annual report of company that sells crocheted goods. Column Five used string and photography to visualize all of the data elements. Krochet Kids Intl. works to empower women from property stricken areas and help them transform their communities. Their model provides these women with jobs, education and mentorship. Learn more about Krochet Kids Intl. and check out their 2013 Annual Report here.

Krochet Kids Intl. Annual Report


We are holding our Spooktacular Sale in The Brave Shop for the rest of October! If you are still looking for tasteful, halloween artwork to adorn your walls or shelves this season, take advantage of this sale! Take 31% off of individual prints from the Halloween Still Life series with the promo code: SPOOKYSALE. And even better, get and extra 15% off of the already discounted, complete Halloween Still Life series (3 prints) with the promo code: SPOOKYBUNDLE.

Hurry up and order your 9×12 archival art prints now so we can get them to you in time for your Halloween celebrations! Happy Halloween!


Spooktacular Sale!


As I would never have found these illustrations in the wild, I was so happy I spotted them on Behance. Each of these fragrance bottle illustrations are so rich in color and texture. It was a smart move for artist Tatiana Boyko to stick to big, bold shapes when applying that much heavy texture. It seems like the textures are a bit heavy handed, but at closer inspection it works quite nicely. What an impressive series of advertising illustrations.


Illustrated Fragrances Review


Wall Mural by Camille Walala


Sushi Socks  Studio Roller Jessica Hische Certificate of Awesomeness Air Fork

Love Chair Mint

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Halloween is right around the corner, and we are excited for the spooky fun. In preperation for Halloween, we created a still life series that is now for sale over in The Brave Shop. If you are looking for something eerie, yet tasteful for your walls this season, this bold and graphic print series is for you. It was created as a modern twist on a vintage style, and can be purchased as a series or individually.

All prints are handmade and made to order. They are archival giclée prints using pigment based ink printed on archival stock white watercolor paper (250 GSM, 100% Cotton, and Acid Free). Individually, the 9×12 prints are $18 a piece or can be purchased as a set of three at the discounted price of $40. Check them out over at the shop:

Halloween Still Life 1

Halloween Still Life 2

Halloween Still Life 3

Halloween Still Life Prints For Sale


In honor of tonight’s full moon (and eclipse in some parts of the world), I couldn’t resist sharing these astronomy based prints by Small Talk Studio. All of this series is inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. I’m loving the effect of the limited color palette and textures on these illustrations. Unfortunately, Small Talk Studio is on hiatus, so I can’t find these prints anywhere, but if you like the style of their work, check out their Society 6 shop for other past projects.

Astronomy Prints by Small Talk Studio


Collaboration is a wonderful thing. It brings talented people together to create something better than would have been created by one’s self alone. Netherlands based publishing duo CoffinboysAart-Jan Venema and Niek Pronk, put together a collaboration for their latest project, Zacharias, and the results were a pretty awesome story filled with unique and varying art. I love how each page is something so new and different as each artist interprets the story in their own way.

Zacharias is a short story written by by Ingmar Heytze about a shrink who has just as many problems as his clients. The book was put together by Boris Rijksen and contributing artwork was done by Merijn Hos, Ward Zwart, Lennard Kok, Kim David Bots, Astrid Yskout, Yngwie Boley, Aron Vellekoop, Jasper Rietman, Pieter van Eenooge and Coffinboys Niek Pronk and Aart-Jan Venema. It can be purchased here and you can see more of the project here.

Zacharias by Coffinboys