The Land of the Living Sugar Lion

After our children’s book, Tatay’s Gift, was funded through Kickstarter, we have a special place in our heart for others trying to self-publish the same way. Once we saw the Kickstarter page for The Sugar Lion, we immediately backed it and had to spread the word. For all you parents out there, this is one to add to the kid’s bedtime story rotation.

The Sugar Lion is going to be a book series based off the Gospel of John. The Sugar Lion who made the sweet land, arrives and sees that everything has gone rotten. He has come to make everything sweet again, with the help of his group of friends loosely based off some of the disciples.

Jason Sivewright is the author of the story. Kevin and Kirsten Howdeshell are the incredibly talented illustrators. And Bryan Rich is the creative director.

Being Christians ourselves, Krystal and I are always looking for ways to share the goodness of the Gospel with our children. We can’t wait to receive our copy of The Sugar Lion. Go back it yourselves before time runs out!


We only just now discovered the work of illustrator and designer, Leonie Bos. Not sure how that happened because her illustration work is stunning! Her use of minimal, yet bold colors, in combination with those textures make all her images pop off the page. Each illustration has an amazing print quality feel to it. See some of our favorites of hers after the jump…

You can see more of her beautiful work here. If only I could buy some of her work! So happy to have found Leonie’s work.

Artist Spotlight: Leonie Bos


It really is the age of the superhero right now. Everywhere you turn, you can find evidence of superhero-mania from the movies coming out, shows on TV, kids toys, food packaging, and now, even in fine art. I have to admit though, I am kind of enjoying all of the superhero stuff, especially when talented artists like French Canadian Sandra Chevrier throw their work into the mix. Chevrier’s portrait work it beautiful, but what really makes it stand out, is the addition of comic strip art in a tattoo-like fashion to the portraits.


At first glance, you might think that Sandra Chevrier just paints the portraits, and then adds previously done comic book art to her work after in a collage style. But, what shows her true artistic talent, is the fact that she actually hand paints both the portraits and the comic art, transitioning between vastly different styles effortlessly in one piece. She uses a combination of oil and acrylic paint to complete these portraits. More about her process can be found on her blog. Chevrier also sells limited edition copies of these portraits in her shop. To see more of her paintings, check out her website.


Superhero Portraits by Sandra Chevrier


There are very few things in this world better than opening a card and finding a nice crisp $20 bill in it. Really, the only improvement to a cash gift, would be opening an envelope to find Jackson dressed as a hipster, a zombie, or in drag. Our clever friends over at 55 Hi’s recently created the money card that does just that. These money cards come with a card, envelope, cellophane container, and a custom printed transparent film that dresses your Jackson up. For only $5 you can spice up any cash gift, and give your friends a memorable card. Check out how it works:



Money Cards by 55 Hi’s


Hemlock & Heather California Wall Hanging 




Mid Century Semi Matte White Porcelain Vase by FürstenburgNews of the Wooled Gwyn M. Lewis Beer Cap Maps Sticks Magnetic Poster FrameThout Design’s UtiliTILE Hallway Organization

Friday Likes


If you enjoy images that make you think, the clever “Combophotos” project of Atlanta-based creative director Stephen McMennamy is worth a look. Combophotos is a for-fun project that McMennamy uses to explore photography. He shoots all the images himself (no stock), and then combines them with little to no photoshop. You can see even see the line where the two photos are combined, which adds to the interest of the images.

The combophotos range in subject material from funny, interesting, clever, or even acts as social commentary. You can see more of McMennamy’s project on Instagram, Squarespace, or Tumblr. Check out some of the photos from the series:

Combophotos by Stephen McMennamy


If you haven’t gathered this already, we, here at Brave the Woods, love to collect things. Our collections range from art, antiques, toys, and mugs. Anytime we see a beautiful mug, it gets added to collection. So naturally, we were drawn to the illustrations of Becca Stadtlander. These paintings of mugs, Japanese snuff bottles, tea pots, and fans are part of a series showcasing Stadtlanders mutual love of collectibles and collections. I can’t get over the crazy amount of detail in Standtlander’s work. It makes me want to have a real version of each of these mugs for my personal collection.

This series was shown in the “Enormous Tiny Art Show” at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last September.  They can be purchased, along with some of Stadtlander’s other work, here. Decca Stadtlander is currently working as a freelance illustrator and artist based in Newport, Rhode Island. She often illustrates for publishing companies and recently published her first children’s picture book, “On The Wing” through Candlewick Press.


Becca Stadtlander Illustrations


There is just something about old weathered wood with peeling paint. Belgian artist, Stefaan De Croock, constructed this incredible, giant mural on the side of an old furniture shop out of old doors. I have seen wood sculpture pieces similar to this, but never at this scale. And take a look at those paint colors and stains! Absolutely love this piece titled, Elsewhere.

Giant Mural Made of Old Doors


Camp Brand Goods Enamelware


Kid’s Tent Bedroom Cabin

Mud Guard Rollable Bike Fenders

Cricket Trailer

Eclectic Mini Candle Set 

Sheepad Felt Coasters

Friday Likes


Wow, this cafe takes me back to the years I lived in the Philippines! I love all the hand painted signage using bold pops of color. The creative agency, Farewell, knocked this project out of the park for the Caribbean restaurant and radio station, Miss Lily’s in New York. Every last detail was hand painted, in-house by the folks at Farewell. Take a look at the all the little details after the jump.


Miss Lily’s Hand Painted Signs


Anytime there is an intelligent use of texture and geometry, I am all over it. These illustrations by Kit and Jeff Turley of Illustratus are on point. There is so much to like, I will just let you stare at them in awe. You do that while I go peruse their shop a bit :)

Amazing Illustrations by Illustratus