Nicolas Dehghani Illustrations

Today, we had to pass along the work of French illustrator Nicolas Dehghani. His work reminds me of something you might see in the concept art of an animated movie. Why is it that concept art is always so much cooler than the actual animations? I love that Dehghani sticks to a limited color palette within his work; it makes it that much more striking. His use of texture also brings these characters to life and each piece seems to tell an epic story.


You can check out more of Nicolas Dehghani’s work here and here


“Bauhaus functionalism meets Memphis kitsch … in a fearless clash of graphic styles,” really is the perfect description for Gloss Creative’s installation at Sportsgirl Bourke Street. Using bold, large letters, bright colors, and strong patterns, this display would attract anyone walking by, designer or not. The biggest bummer, is that this installation was taken down last April, so we didn’t get the chance to see it in person.

Read more about the project here

Sportsgirl “Brave New World”


Mid-Century Modern Door Set

Stak Ceramics Mint Kitchen DockBrass Anchor Folding Knife Vintage Beehive LampsNeighborwoods Maps

Mt. Rainier Tee

Friday Likes


One of the main functions of design, is to make life easier on the user. The accomplishment of this function, as well as the simple, clean design of Bud, is what made this product stand out. Bud is the smart pregnancy companion. It helps pregnant women track their progress through the sometimes uncertain months of pregnancy and pulls relevant data from trusted pregnancy sources to ease women’s worries and questions during pregnancy and serve as keepsake once the baby is born. Bud definitely caught our eyes at Brave the Woods, as we are expecting our second little Braver of the Woods this summer.

This product was designed by students Vidhi Goel and Eliz Ayaydin as part of their MFA Products of Design Program. The description of Bud states, “Bud, at its brand essence, offers mothers and their families a spirited journey. It celebrates and educates pregnant women by providing them with analog feedback, comfort in their pregnancy progression, and a unique memento of their adventure.” The product packaging and overall design is so clever with it’s egg-like device packaged in its own little nest.

Each week, a women can take her measurments and Bud will use those to track her overall progress and print messages about the babies development and progress. This is a way for the mother to see milestones and know what is going on with her child’s development. Everything is built in to the device, including the tape measurer, and data is pulled from trusted online sources to give the mother up-to-date information from medical professionals. Women can even send messages and pictures of their bump to Bud to have as part of the printed messages. At the end of the pregnancy, the fully printed spool of tracked progress becomes a memento of  the pregnancy.

To read more about Bud, check it out here.

Bud: The Smart Pregnancy Companion


When I stumbled across these extraordinary carved skulls I was first terrified, and then quickly enamored by how truly amazing they were. Carving around the natural structure of these stones create beautiful pieces of art and sometimes unworldly looking skulls. Each skull being completely unique from the next. You can purchase your own, but you have to move quick.

Each skull is sketched, hand carved and polished by Skullis. They use 100% natural stone sourced from all around the world.  Now before you click through the link and wonder what I was doing on their website, I will tell you now that I just happened upon it :) Not my typical inspiration site, but I am sure glad I found it.

Skulls Carved Out of Geodes, Druse and Gemstones


Typically one doesn’t get tattooed with the name of a person they do not know. But  Zlatan Ibrahimović, striker for the Paris Saint-German football team, got 50 tattoos of people’s names he didn’t know.  Those 50 names were of some of the 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world today.

This was a collaboration with the World Food Programme, in efforts to raise awareness to those millions of people who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition around the world. And since they don’t always get the spotlight, Zlatan gave those suffering a platform by tattooing some of the names to his body and showing them off during game on February 14th of this year.

Something else that really impressed me, was the level of skill in the lettering of the names. Take a look at the beautiful hand lettering of the names by Alexis TYRSA and Martin Schmetzer. Two radically different styles, both incredible well rendered.

Anytime art and good causes collaborate, I can’t help but share them. As creatives, we can be such powerful tools for change. Look for chances to use your skills to do good!

50 Tattoos of 50 Names


Palm Print by Chris Turnham


Alexander Girard Plate Set

9mm Winchester Nickel Push Pins


Sheesham Wall Hooks


Friday Likes


Living and working from a small studio in the mountains of Queensland Australia definitely reflects creatively in the work of Millie Fairhall. Fairhall, a jack of all trades, works in a variety of mediums like woodworking, drawing, sewing, screen printing, designing, and painting. She creates one-of-a-kind cheese boards, serving boards, spatulas and prints. Her fine craftsmanship shows in these creative hand-painted pieces.

Millie Fairhall calls herself culturally confused, claiming to be an “artisan, rambler, warrior, wanderer, sea-dweller, nature-frolicker, gypsy-pirate.” Though, it seems, that all of those different titles have done nothing but allow her creativity to grow and reflect many different interesting and culturally ambiguous styles in her work. Fairhall runs her shop and stocks unique products there, and takes custom orders as well. You can check out her wide variety of products here.

Millie Fairhall Hand-Made Wood Boards


A few “Friday Likes” back, we posted a pillow collection by Barrington Blue. Their vintage furniture reupholstered with bold bright new patterns is so striking. Barrington Blue is the work of Carrie Olshan. Olshan creates one-of-a-kind pieces of upholstery and even does custom work. Her collection of pillows, cushions, and seating are a unique addition to any decor.

One of the best parts about Barrington Blue, is Carrie Olshan’s affinity for mid-century modern furniture. The unmistakable legs of mid-century benches, side tables, and stools add a perfect vintage flair to these new designs: “Born out of a love of travel, design, upholstery and textile craft, Barrington Blue breathes new life into vintage & handmade textiles and furniture.” Check out more of the Barrington Blue collection here.



Barrington Blue Furniture


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Dino AlphabetRed Racer Bug Alphabet Bike LinesBike Lines


Poster Sale!


Printable Geometric Heart Boxes

Literally Balling Handmade Stained-glass Backboards 

Bole Lamp by Giopato and Coombes

Sweetheart Tacos

North Drinkware: Mt. Hood, The Oregon Pint Glass

1950′s Pillow by Joan Nicholson 


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