Halloween Lino Prints by Chris Madden

Halloween is just one more day away, and we are gearing up for all of the  creepy, candy-induced fun. We can never pass up some awesome Halloween art, and these lino prints by Chris Madden are howling our name. The classic monster stories are so much fun, and such a Halloween staple. These prints of the Frankenstein’s Monster, Nosferatu, the Creature From the Black Lagoon, and Wolfman are a nostalgic blast from the monster crypt past.

Madden hand linocut prints each of these pieces, and signs and numbers them as an edition of 13. Each monster print can be purchased individually, or using the promocode MONSTERMASH, they all can be purchased as a set of 4 for only £20. Check them out in his print shop to pick up yours before they disappear into the night until next October.


By looking at me you probably would never guess I used to own a longboard, let alone ride one. But I did, and I still love the craftsmanship and creativity that can be displayed in them. One company who makes exceptionally beautiful boards is Salemtown Board Co..

It started with two guys in the neighborhood of Salemtown in Nashville, TN. Not only did they want to build amazing skateboards, but they wanted to provide role models and jobs for teens in the area who were lacking good influences in their lives. What has resulted is nothing short of awesome.

Take a look at some of our favorite, handcrafted boards they are producing and selling on their site. Each week they also create two custom board designs that they sell as one-offs. And this week’s is pretty slick. Enjoy!

Salemtown Board Co.


After showing off one of her newest projects, we decided it wasn’t enough, and that we need to do a full feature on this talented artitst. Tatiana Boyko already has amassed an impressive body of work, and she has yet to graduate college! Not only is her work amazing, but so is her hustle, and we admire that.

Tatiana is a Madrid-based designer and illustrator who is just finishing up her design degree. If trying to finish her design degree wasn’t enough, she is also an illustrator at the amazing, Walk With Me Studio, part of Just Us Collective, and the editor and publisher of the student created, Guts Zine. For all of you recent grads or college students, pay attention to some key bits of advice she shares in this interview. So without further adieu, enjoy a sample of her amazing work, and some great advice:

Q: Your ability to layer textures over your bold, solid shapes is stunning. And you have an amazing eye for color. What influences have shaped your illustration style?

A: My main influences come from the contemporary illustration. I’m a great admirer of BlexBolex, Robert Hunter or Golden Cosmos (just to name a few). I think their work is very inspiring and I have learnt a lot from them.

Q: Do you have an order of operations in how you approach an illustrations?

A: Well, first of all I work out the composition and the shapes drawing by hand, then scan it and after that I work the color on the computer. Usually I try different chromatic combinations before deciding to use one. For me, there’s only one rule that I always follow in my work: I choose three basic colors (red, blue and yellow or their tone variations) and work with overlays as if it was a screen print.

Q: Tell us about your Guts Zine. How did the idea start to make the magazine?

A: Guts Zine is an illustration zine made by 13 students of Complutense University. For each issue, we decide a different theme and a 3 color palette (again the color is very important) + black. This project began because we where unmotivated with the University projects. So we decided to make something that would be worthwhile on our own. As many of us were interested in illustration, we decided to set up this zine to promote ourselves but also to help us develop the skills in illustration. And for now, the experiment is going quite well! We have already self published four issues in almost a year and currently we are going on the fifth, with some new and exiting collaborations!

Q: You have an impressive portfolio of both client and self-initiated projects, and you are still in college. What advice do you have for students who are looking to start their professional careers while still in college?

A: Do as many self initiated projects as you can. Do not stick strictly to the University work only, and try to develop your personal work as an important part of your portfolio too.

Q:What would be your dream project or client?

A: Any client that gives you complete creative freedom is welcomed!

Q: How would you best describe your own work?

A: This is a difficult one. I think that what characterizes my work the most (as you said in the first question) is the use of a bright limited color palette, with a screen print treatment and simple compositions.

Follow her work on Behance and Instagram!

Interview with Tatiana Boyko


When a designer creates a toy that is both fun and educational, you know it is going to be posted here on the Brave Blog. Learning should be exciting and fun! So when we discovered the toy section on the Oscar Diaz Studio site, we were pretty excited. We have posted products of theirs before because we love how conceptual all of their products are. These toys are no exception.

Food Chain Animals

Robot Stencil Box

Count and Learnt Puzzle



Tube Toys



Clever Toys by Oscar Diaz Studio


Smooth Operator mug by 55Hi’s

Repurposed License Plate Pendant LampsGerard Van Den Berg; Leather ‘Ringo’ Sofa for Montis, 1970s Domsai Planters by Matteo Cibic“Think Different” Railing Shadow Art 
Bluette Pendant Lamp

Friday Likes


Little known fact about Brad: He is a sucker for playing cards. He has quite the collection and it is growing every day. You may have noticed his affinity for card decks when we posted about the Thick Lines deck, or the Mailchimp Deck, or the playing card-esque Alice in Wonderland project. Now we have a new set of playing cards to show you (three to be exact). Amigos Playing Cards is a new project on Kickstarter to produce three decks of cards, one by each of the prominent designers Alonzo Felix, Frank Chimero, and Jessica Hische.

This project was created by web and iOS company Fictive Kin and was origionally meant to be an online club for people to play card games. The beauty of the cards created by Felix, Chimero, and Hische just couldn’t be limited to online, so Fictive Kin decided to create a Kickstarter campaign to get the cards printed. Their goal is to have them printed and sent out to their backers by the Holidays. Decks can be purchased individually or at discounted prices as pairs or as a full set. Check out the campaign here.


Amigos Playing Cards


It isn’t news that cyclists and motorists don’t always get along. We see a lot more waving with one finger than with all five. Why can’t everyone just share the road and be nice? Our friends at The Butler Bros decided to do something about it, so they started Wave, a social good brand.

For as friendly as the people are here in Austin, Texas, they seem to forget their manners when they get on the road. The Wave project is all about bringing attention to the fact that we are all sharing these roads, so why not be kind to those you share it with? To emphasize the point, the Wave project’s slogan is simply, “Roll Nice.” Going back to the basics, why not start with a friendly wave.

We had the amazing opportunity to contribute to the project by designing one of the t-shirts for sale in the Wave shop. It was our way of supporting the project, and hopefully help make a way for others to contribute by purchasing and supporting the project.

Take a look at their site and contribute by purchasing vinyl stickers or shirts from their shop, or by simply sharing the news via social sites. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Roll nice y’all!

WAVE Campaign


Peruvian Blankets


11+ Felt Case Scandinavian Style Enamel Teapot  Kami Wood Mug Flux ChairSenba Tea

Friday Likes


We are very excited to announce the relaunch of our shop, The Brave Shop! We have stocked it up and added a ton of new prints for purchasing. We wanted to make as much of our work available to you all as possible, so go check it out and see what you think. As part of this relaunch, we are also running a giveaway for the next week. You can enter by following the steps on the PunchTab widget above, and take your chance at winning a giclée print of your choosing from the shop. Check out the new Brave Shop and let us know what you think!


The Brave Shop Relaunch and Giveaway


Our friends over at Column Five Media are always creating really cool data visualizations, and this one is no different. This annual report for Krochet Kids Intl. is not only visually unique and interesting, but it is for a company that has the awesome mission of empowering women. If you look at it on their website, you can’t fully comprehend everything that went into creating this report until you see behind the scenes. It is always nice to see companies stepping away from the computer and using tangible mediums to create awesome, interesting work.

We love the creativity and cleverness in using yarn to create the annual report of company that sells crocheted goods. Column Five used string and photography to visualize all of the data elements. Krochet Kids Intl. works to empower women from property stricken areas and help them transform their communities. Their model provides these women with jobs, education and mentorship. Learn more about Krochet Kids Intl. and check out their 2013 Annual Report here.

Krochet Kids Intl. Annual Report


We are holding our Spooktacular Sale in The Brave Shop for the rest of October! If you are still looking for tasteful, halloween artwork to adorn your walls or shelves this season, take advantage of this sale! Take 31% off of individual prints from the Halloween Still Life series with the promo code: SPOOKYSALE. And even better, get and extra 15% off of the already discounted, complete Halloween Still Life series (3 prints) with the promo code: SPOOKYBUNDLE.

Hurry up and order your 9×12 archival art prints now so we can get them to you in time for your Halloween celebrations! Happy Halloween!


Spooktacular Sale!