Stained Glass for the Modern Home

Now this is stained glass I can get behind. If you have a more modern aesthetic, stained glass may not be the first thing that comes to mind when decorating your home or office. Though these modern, geometric stained glass designs by David Scheid might just make it on your wish list.



I used to think I made a mean paper airplane or rolled paper flower, now after looking at the quilled paper art of Sena Runa, I’m a bit ashamed of my lack of skill. Runa began quilling paper as a hobby three years ago, and after finding her own style, was talented enough at it that she was able to quit her day job, and sell her creations full-time.

Sean Runa sells her quilled paper art on Etsy. In an interview with My Modern Met, Runa explains her process: “After I decide on the image, I draw a template, then I decide which colors I am going to use. After this, everything is spontaneous (details within the papers, I mean). The creative process for each item changes, so I can say that preparing one piece takes approximately a day to complete, and this is for the designs which I’ve made before. Creating a new design usually takes longer.” See more of her work on her Instagram or Etsy page, and read more of the interview here. senaruna2









Sena Runa Quilled Paper Art


Last week we released an official 1950s-inspired jingle for our Woodland Wonderland Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack we created with RetroSupply, and if you haven’t heard it yet, it is pretty darn hilarious. We commissioned the amazingly talented Collin Warren of Lost in Transduction to write and perform the jingle for our pack. And boy are we excited to share it :)

The Woodland Wonderland Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack is based off of the Little Golden Books in the 50s, so we thought it was only appropriate to commission a jingle to show it off. Collin is so talented that he even played all of the instruments that were featured in the promotional images of the animal folk band called the Furry Bottom Boys!

And to pull it all together, at the last minute we hired our good friend Chase Ogden to quickly animate it all for a video. It took a lot of talented folks to make it all happen, and we are so grateful for their help in making this brush pack a success. RetroSupply and us are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience as a buyer of these amazing tools. Now go test out the set for yourself! 

We can’t wait to see what you create with our brushes!


Woodland Wonderland 1950s Style Jingle


Stackable Wood Burger

Handmade Kid’s Giraffe Lamp

Honeycomb Floating Storage Shelves

Woodland Wonderland Photoshop Brush Kit

Geometric Tray

Friday Likes


We love this mashup of famous logos with famous paintings by Filipino graphic designer, Eisen Bernard Bernardo. The series is titled Logo + Art and is such a cool little study. I love how the paintings can really change the overall feel of the brand.

Famous Logos and Paintings Mashup


We love public libraries, and especially if the library appreciates art. The Los Angeles Public Library just revealed their new limited addition library card featuring the art of Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson. Shepard Fairey is known for his street art and the OBEY clothing line that he founded, artist Cleon Peterson is known for his violent, chaotic paintings. This is the first change to the LA library card in over 20 years. The new art card can be picked up at all LA library branches for free (or a $3 replacement fee if you already have a card).

Los Angeles Public Library Card


We just finished our newest Photoshop brush kit and tutorial pack, Woodland Wonderland! I grew up with Little Golden Books and have come to especially appreciate the incredible illustrations now that I am a professional illustrator. So we teamed up with RetroSupply again and created the Woodland Wonderland brush pack that contains everything you need to create an illustration that looks like it was torn out of a children’s book in the 50s!

Stop talking and show me where to buy this incredible pack!

The pack includes 31 unique brushes including gouache, pens, pencils, and conte. Plus, you get some unconventional brushes like Wax Rollers and texture brushes. You won’t believe how real these brushes feel to actual brushes. And my tutorials will showcase how to use these brushes, along with teaching you how to achieve that Little Golden Book style. Even if you don’t want to use these brushes for this style, use them however you want!

Our SpaceRanger brush pack is equally awesome. You should take a look! 

So much is included in this incredible pack you need to go check it out for yourself. And we made it so you can now choose different packages including a deluxe option that includes access to a 60 minute live webinar with Dustin Lee of RetroSupply and myself! Let us know how you like them! Can’t wait to see what you create with them.

Okay, I’m sold. Send me to where I can buy this pack! 

Woodland Wonderland Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack


This weekend, we will be packing up the studio and taking it on the road for a 5 week road trip! We will be traveling through the western United States, up from Texas, through the Rocky Mountains, into Yellowstone, throughout Washington, down to Utah, and then back home. As to be expected, posts here will be few and far between (much like our wifi), but we will be keeping a log of our adventures over on our new family blog, Brave Tribe. If you would like to follow us along on our trip, head over there!

Introducing: The Brave Tribe


Petroleum Lantern


KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounge

Glory Days  Banner Grovemade iPhone Case OLO Smartphone 3D Printer


Friday Likes


One of my favorite illustrators, Matt Kaufenberg, is always working on a fun illustration series. My most recent favorite is this little superhero series he is doing. Here is a very large sample from the series. Follow this series and all his other current projects on Tumblr and Dribbble!

Little Superhero Series


I have always dreamed of having custom shoes. I spent my middle school years taking sharpies to my tennis shoes (much to the chagrin of my mother), making crazy patterns and designs all over them. A fresh pair of vans was the best blank canvas. IDX Shoes has actualized my young dreams, and created a way for people to customize their shoes. Everything from the design, the tongue, the back, and even the laces is customizable. Check out their website to see how it works.


IDX Custom Shoes