Airplane Window Paintings

These airplane window paintings are so much better than peoples Instagram photos. There is nothing inherently beautiful about the inside of a passenger plane in my opinion. So that fact that artist Jim Darling was able to elevate the ugly airplane window into a frame that houses beautiful paintings of the outside views is so neat. His ability to bring out the beauty in the mundane is what makes me love this series so much.


I just want to start with a disclaimer that we are not paid or incentivised in any way to show you the products that we do; we honestly just love to pass along the awesome things we find. That being said, we HAD to share the Glowforge 3D Laser Printer with you. I don’t think a piece of technology has ever blown my mind quite like this printer. This is the stuff sic-fi dreams are made of, and I can’t believe I could potentially own this printer and use it in my home. Check it out.


This printer is a laser printer that can print, cut, and engrave on a variety of materials from paper, leather, fabric, and cardboard, to chocolate. The possibilities are endless. It allows you to draw or render a design, and then print or cut it out to make tangible, 3D items. For the technology that it is, the price tag is actually fairly affordable at $1,995 and they are currently taking pre-orders. If anyone wants to send an elaborate gift to Brave the Woods, you now know what to get us…

The following items were all printed with Glowforge:

Glowforge 3D Laser Printer


One of the oldest and most retold stories of all time, has to be the Bible. To retell and illustrate these stories in a way that is fresh and interesting, but still stays true to the original meanings is a challenge in itself; a challenge writer Kevin Deyoung and the always talented Don Clark from Invisible Creature knocked out of the park with “The Biggest Story.”

“The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings us Back to the Garden” is a magically illustrated book that tells the exciting stories of the Bible in way that children and adults alike can relate to and understand. This project has been finished since May, but just popped up on our radar, and couldn’t not be shared. Read more about how this project came about on Invisible Creature’s Blog, and see more of the incredible illustration here. To purchase your own copy,  check out Amazon or Invisible Creature shop (for a signed copy with print).

The Biggest Story, Illustrated by Invisible Creature


Personification: the attribution of human nature or character to animals, inanimateobjects, or abstract notions, especially as a rhetorical figure. Sculptor Beth Cavener is a master of personification, infusing each of her animal sculptures with the deepest human emotions. Cavener makes a habit of exploring the most uncomfortable parts of her head and using those as inspiration for the intricate and emotional sculptures that she creates.

 “The sculptures I create focus on human psychology, stripped of context and rationalization, and articulated through animal and human forms. On the surface, these figures are simply feral and domestic individuals suspended in a moment of tension. Beneath the surface, they embody the consequences of human fear, apathy, aggression, and misunderstanding.” Watch the video embedded below for more of her process and inspiration. To see more of Cavener’s work see her website.  


Beth Cavener Animal Sculptures


LeatherHead Sport Lemon Ball


Jamstik Life Lesson Enamel Pin Outline TrivetStained Glass Terrarium 

Momiji Happy Doll

Friday Likes


Self-initiated projects are some of my favorite things to post about. There are so many talented folks out there making stuff happen for no other reason than because they love what they do. The results of such passion are what get me so excited. This Marching Bird Project, by illustrator Marijke Buurlage, is a perfect example of this. These colorful, pattern-filled birds are awesome on their own, but when you see them all together they get even better. Wouldn’t you love to see these as postage stamps!?

Marching Bird Project


Running on a treadmill has always felt like a cruel and unusual punishment to me. Turns out it, that is exactly what it is (or at least, originally was). This motion video lesson, made for TED-Ed, tells the fascinating history of the exercise machine so many people use all the time.

This video was created by a team of creative people : lesson by Conor Heffernan, narration by Addison Anderson, music by Cem Misirlioglu, illustration by Yukai Du, and animation by Yukai Du and Jiaqi Liu. To see more of the process of creating the video, including stills and storyboards, look here.

The Torturous History of Treadmills


For all of you creatives slaving away at your 9-5 jobs all day everyday, it is important to work on projects that you love after hours. So for all you Central Texas creatives, there is good news! You have the chance to be a part of a poster show called After Hours. It is a poster show that both gives you a creative outlet and helps raise funds for the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

So how this works is, there is an open call for entries judged by four top-tier designers. They’ll pick 30 artists to create an original piece of poster art around this years theme: Food. And luck for y’all, your’s truly will be one of the judges :)

Then for all the posters sold at the show, a portion of the proceeds goes to the artist, and a portion going to this year’s non-profit, The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas.

If you want to be considered to create a poster for the show you need to only submit 3 digital samples of your work here. The entry deadline is September 25th so hurry and enter! And of course, whether or not you are chosen to contribute a poster, don’t you dare miss the poster party on November 4th at Lewis Carnegie! RSVP on Facebook and spread the word.

After Hours Poster Show in Austin


Upper Playground Tectonics Mug


Honey I’m Home Keyholder

Public Counter Stool by Industry West

Elephant Cutlery Drainer

Bird Timber Doorstop

KeySmart Minimalist Key Organizer 

Friday Likes


The leaves have started to change, the crisp breeze is beginning to blow, and everything is starting to feel like Fall. It is that time of year again, and time to start preparing for Halloween! The Halloween Still Life Series is for sale in the Brave Outpost Shop. Buy yours now to get it in time to display with your spooky Halloween decor.

These vintage style prints are sure to set an eery tone for the season while still looking tasteful. All prints are 9×12 archival giclée prints using pigment based ink. Pick yours up today! The prints can be purchased individually, or as set for a great discount.

Halloween Still Life Series


Who here hates how easily their iPhone cables fray, split, or break? I can’t tell you how many charging cables I have gone through now. Once my dog chewed through the cable, but 9 times of of 10 the part that gives out first is right near the connectors. Thank heavens we discovered the strongest cable on Earth, the Titan cable, from [FUSE]Chicken.

The Titan cable is an industrial grade cable, wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. Even the USB connectors are created to withstand the test of time, as they are permanently sealed with a single piece housing over the cable. So in short, this cable is incredibly durable.

We actually own the Titan cable, and a couple other [FUSE]Chicken products, ourselves. Let me take a moment review my experience with each of these products:

Titan cable: $35

When you hold the Titan cable for the first time you don’t expect it to be as heavy as it is. Not heavy as in you won’t want to lug it around sort of way. It just feels like a quality steel cable.

It is deceivingly flexible. Though don’t expect it to be as flexible and easy to wrap up as your standard cable. You kind of have to work to keep a nice tight coil for storing it.

The plastic housing around the USB connectors are on there to stay. Though we haven’t owned the cable long, I can’t see how it would ever fray near the connectors.

Even though it costs $15 bucks more than the original charging cable Apple sells, this guy will save you from buying another cable down the road when your flimsy Apple one gets damaged.

Bobine iPhone Dock: $35

This charging dock is made of the exact same material as the Titan cable. It is incredibly strong.

My favorite part about this charging dock is the ability to pose and shape the steel cable. Plug it into your computer, pose the cable, and have your iPhone charging and easily displayed next to you while you work.

I was surprised how strong the cable was, as the cable never drooped from the weight of the phone being placed on top.

The only frustrating thing is that I have to take my case off my iPhone any time I want to put it on the dock. But you will run into that for most charging docks like this.

Titan Loop: $30

The Titan Loop is a tiny version of the Titan cable, with a place to connect the two ends together to make a loop.

It is perfect for hanging on your bag or using it as a key chain since it is so durable. That way you always have a charging cable handy.

So far, I love these products. The prices are affordable and they are made to last. Go to to see all their products and pick up some for yourself!




The Toughest iPhone Cable on Earth