Making of Yellowstone Poster for 59 Parks Series

After creating the Big Bend National Park poster we thought our participation with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series was over. But thanks to JP Boneyard, creator and curator of the series, we got to participate once again to create a poster for our favorite park, Yellowstone! These 18×24″, 4 color screen prints are already available to purchase at Got get one!

Krystal and I used to live right next to the West Yellowstone entrance back in college, so Yellowstone National Park has a special place in our hearts for all the great memories we have there. But distilling it all down into a single image to depict that park was no easy task. For a while we wrestled with what scenery we wanted to illustrate, and we came up with a lot of locations within the park. Our fear was that we make a generic Yellowstone poster and it would get lost in the sea of other parks posters out there. Though the more we thought about it, the more we wanted this poster to feel quintessentially “Yellowstone”, so we included everything that makes that park special. The composition or content isn’t groundbreaking, so we focused on making the artwork itself more compelling. We hope you enjoy it!

It started really rough, and really took shape after some texture effects and hours of painting digitally! We thought you would like to see how it was all done so check out the video below! Enjoy!


Most of us I think have a bucket list of books we want to read, and most of us have a myriad of excuses why we haven’t read them yet. Whatever the reason is, it is a fact that if you are able to track your progress on your goals visually, you will be more motivated to meet those goals. And that is why we love this scratch-off novel chart by Pop Chart Lab! Every time you finish a book you can scratch off the gold foil to reveal a story-specific cover detail. How amazing is that!? Go pick up your own for $35 on their site here!

100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart


Anything that looks like graphic, old, space memorabilia is going to get my attention. When I found this screen printed poster of space buttons, I had to share it. The limited colors, the worn textures and awesome badges make this poster. Go take a look at this poster and more at Sovereign Club!

Screen Printed Space Buttons


page1_finalIt’s no secret that we at Brave the Woods love children’s books! As a young kid, one of my favorite types of books to read was pop-up books. Not only were they fun, but the engineering behind how it worked was always so interesting to me. I remember opening and closing the pages over and over just to watch how all of the pieces opened up. That is why finding a pop up book with awesome illustrations and a fun story to back it up is so exciting! What Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book by Keith Allen is that book.


What a Mess! is currently being funded on Kickstarter, so if you want this story to add to your own collection, the time to order is now! If you have been following along with our projects recently, you know we are all about passion projects and finding time to do what you love. That is why this project, which Keith Allen called the “5am Pop-Up Book Project” is so inspiring. He didn’t let having a full time job, and kids, and other responsibilities keep him from completing his passion project. Instead he found time to make it happen. Check out  What Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book on Kickstarter! 







What a Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book by Keith Allen


We have been slowly revealing elements from our new branding on social media because we couldn’t wait to show it off! As we have been experimenting with the new logo, our old intern and now junior designer, Seth Austin, whipped up this little animation for us. It has been so fun seeing the brand come to life, and we can’t wait to show you what else we have in store. Stay tuned!

New Animated Brave the Woods Logo


We have been geeking out over the show Stranger Things ever since we finished it a few weeks back. Obviously we are not the only ones because there is some pretty amazing fan art that is coming from it already. One poster design in particular caught our attention, and it was made by The SonnyFive, out of Hungary. What is most amazing about this poster to me is the process the artist took to make it. It is a hodge lodge different photos and textures, that are arranged perfectly to give off the perfect vibe for this show in a vintage looking poster. See how it was made after the jump!

Stranger Things Fan Art Poster


With the Pokémon Go being all the rage right now, I found it timely that design and illustration studio, Muti, posted some amazing Pokémon fan art on their site. I love the range of styles and interpretations of the little monsters. And this isn’t even all of them! You can see all of them here!



We are excited to announce the launch of the sports fan apparel site, Townie Made! For some of us sports fans, it is hard to find well designed apparel for our favorite teams. Well now we have options! Drew Carson, who is also the creator of, decided to round up talented creatives to contribute designs for their home town teams. This has only just started, so your town may not be represented yet, but it is only a matter of time now that Townie Made is live! Spread the word!

As I grew up in Seattle, Washington, I thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute a Seattle Mariners tee design! I even made it in both the retro and current colors so you have options :)

Townie Made: Fan Apparel We Want to Wear


In honor of the Olympics starting this weekend, we wanted to share this awesome video we came across on Behance. “OLYMPIA is an homage to the Games, especially the athletes and their amazing moves.” This animation is collaboration between Henrique BaroneRafael Mayani and Conor Whelan with music by John Black. Enjoy the Olympics everyone!










These illustrations done by Eiko Ojala are beyond stunning. The minimal shapes packed full of tiny little parties in these bold pops of color are so striking! Each one was created to represent a different event put on by the Wellington City Council in New Zealand over the summer. I feel lucky we all get to enjoy these amazing posters.

Wellington Summer Event Posters


I see so many animated gifs that it really takes a lot for me to stop and stare at a short animation loop. But what illustrator/animator, Rafael Varona is doing is simply mesmerizing. His animations are little stories with so many fun elements all playing their part in telling the story. Follow him and his Impossible Bottle series here!

Impossible Bottles Animations (Loads slowly)