Stranger Things Fan Art Poster

We have been geeking out over the show Stranger Things ever since we finished it a few weeks back. Obviously we are not the only ones because there is some pretty amazing fan art that is coming from it already. One poster design in particular caught our attention, and it was made by The SonnyFive, out of Hungary. What is most amazing about this poster to me is the process the artist took to make it. It is a hodge lodge different photos and textures, that are arranged perfectly to give off the perfect vibe for this show in a vintage looking poster. See how it was made after the jump!


With the Pokémon Go being all the rage right now, I found it timely that design and illustration studio, Muti, posted some amazing Pokémon fan art on their site. I love the range of styles and interpretations of the little monsters. And this isn’t even all of them! You can see all of them here!



We are excited to announce the launch of the sports fan apparel site, Townie Made! For some of us sports fans, it is hard to find well designed apparel for our favorite teams. Well now we have options! Drew Carson, who is also the creator of, decided to round up talented creatives to contribute designs for their home town teams. This has only just started, so your town may not be represented yet, but it is only a matter of time now that Townie Made is live! Spread the word!

As I grew up in Seattle, Washington, I thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute a Seattle Mariners tee design! I even made it in both the retro and current colors so you have options :)

Townie Made: Fan Apparel We Want to Wear


In honor of the Olympics starting this weekend, we wanted to share this awesome video we came across on Behance. “OLYMPIA is an homage to the Games, especially the athletes and their amazing moves.” This animation is collaboration between Henrique BaroneRafael Mayani and Conor Whelan with music by John Black. Enjoy the Olympics everyone!










These illustrations done by Eiko Ojala are beyond stunning. The minimal shapes packed full of tiny little parties in these bold pops of color are so striking! Each one was created to represent a different event put on by the Wellington City Council in New Zealand over the summer. I feel lucky we all get to enjoy these amazing posters.

Wellington Summer Event Posters


I see so many animated gifs that it really takes a lot for me to stop and stare at a short animation loop. But what illustrator/animator, Rafael Varona is doing is simply mesmerizing. His animations are little stories with so many fun elements all playing their part in telling the story. Follow him and his Impossible Bottle series here!

Impossible Bottles Animations (Loads slowly)


Collage is a world I don’t have much experience in, but most definitely enjoy admiring. Our good friend Ryan Arruda has recently added some amazing new prints of his geometric photo collages to his Midnight Umbrella shop. I think it is fascinating when artists take elements out of context and reorganize them into something completely new. The contrasting textures and shadows are what really get me excited about Ryan’s work. Go check them out and the rest of his shop!

Midnight Umbrella Collages


Recently we were extended the incredible opportunity to contribute a poster to the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series. The timing couldn’t have been any better, as we just returned from our grand, 5 week long, road trip around the US visiting National and State Parks. We were inspired and so happy to be working on something so fun, for such a good cause.

The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series was created by JP Boneyard of the National Poster Retrospecticus. Each of our 59 National Parks are brought to life, in the form of a screen printed poster, by a different artist. Not only is it a great way motivate us all to care about our National Parks, but it supports them as well. 5% of each poster sale is donated to the National Parks Service. Purchase yours here!

So far our Big Bend poster is only the sixth completed poster in the series, so you can expect us to do another post showcasing a whole group of amazing posters from this series in the near future. Enjoy!

Big Bend National Park Poster


Great brand identity, and for a good cause? Yes please! Autistic Art is a a design brand of Mosoly Otthon Foundation and supports autistic children and adults by organizing regular drawing activities for them, then sells the products that feature artworks created during the classes. Fantastic work by Hungarian creatives, Laszlo Polgar and Dora Sos.

Autistic Art Branding


The Italian Stallion’s face never looked so pretty, but this poster most definitely will on your wall! Thanks to the National Poster Retrospecticus, our Rocky illustration is now available as an 18″ x 24″ screen printed poster. NPR has agreed to a make Rocky a permanent member of their traveling poster show!  What first was just a spur of the moment illustration to adorn our studio walls, is now an amazing signed print that you can now purchase. We only have a limited amount at Brave Outpost so go claim yours quick!

Rocky Screen Printed Posters in the Shop!


These animal number greeting cards by illustrator Koji Tomato, or Cozy Tomato, are genius. The fact that you can still tell what kind of animal they are, even after being morphed into a number is pretty impressive. This particular set was created for Lagom Design, where you can purchase these and many more of Koji’s designs. Koji has an amazing eye for simplicity and color in his illustrations. Take a look at all nine greeting cards after the jump!

Cozy Tomato Animal Number Cards