Los Angeles Public Library Card

We love public libraries, and especially if the library appreciates art. The Los Angeles Public Library just revealed their new limited addition library card featuring the art of Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson. Shepard Fairey is known for his street art and the OBEY clothing line that he founded, artist Cleon Peterson is known for his violent, chaotic paintings. This is the first change to the LA library card in over 20 years. The new art card can be picked up at all LA library branches for free (or a $3 replacement fee if you already have a card).


We just finished our newest Photoshop brush kit and tutorial pack, Woodland Wonderland! I grew up with Little Golden Books and have come to especially appreciate the incredible illustrations now that I am a professional illustrator. So we teamed up with RetroSupply again and created the Woodland Wonderland brush pack that contains everything you need to create an illustration that looks like it was torn out of a children’s book in the 50s!

Stop talking and show me where to buy this incredible pack!

The pack includes 31 unique brushes including gouache, pens, pencils, and conte. Plus, you get some unconventional brushes like Wax Rollers and texture brushes. You won’t believe how real these brushes feel to actual brushes. And my tutorials will showcase how to use these brushes, along with teaching you how to achieve that Little Golden Book style. Even if you don’t want to use these brushes for this style, use them however you want!

Our SpaceRanger brush pack is equally awesome. You should take a look! 

So much is included in this incredible pack you need to go check it out for yourself. And we made it so you can now choose different packages including a deluxe option that includes access to a 60 minute live webinar with Dustin Lee of RetroSupply and myself! Let us know how you like them! Can’t wait to see what you create with them.

Okay, I’m sold. Send me to where I can buy this pack! 

Woodland Wonderland Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack


This weekend, we will be packing up the studio and taking it on the road for a 5 week road trip! We will be traveling through the western United States, up from Texas, through the Rocky Mountains, into Yellowstone, throughout Washington, down to Utah, and then back home. As to be expected, posts here will be few and far between (much like our wifi), but we will be keeping a log of our adventures over on our new family blog, Brave Tribe. If you would like to follow us along on our trip, head over there!

Introducing: The Brave Tribe


Petroleum Lantern


KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounge

Glory Days  Banner Grovemade iPhone Case OLO Smartphone 3D Printer


Friday Likes


One of my favorite illustrators, Matt Kaufenberg, is always working on a fun illustration series. My most recent favorite is this little superhero series he is doing. Here is a very large sample from the series. Follow this series and all his other current projects on Tumblr and Dribbble!

Little Superhero Series


I have always dreamed of having custom shoes. I spent my middle school years taking sharpies to my tennis shoes (much to the chagrin of my mother), making crazy patterns and designs all over them. A fresh pair of vans was the best blank canvas. IDX Shoes has actualized my young dreams, and created a way for people to customize their shoes. Everything from the design, the tongue, the back, and even the laces is customizable. Check out their website to see how it works.


IDX Custom Shoes


As we are over here preparing for our big cross-country road trip, finding the work of artist Seth Smith seems so serendipitous. His own perfect description of his work is reminiscent of every motel filled childhood vacation memory I have. “My paintings are a reflection of my need to escape into a world of eerie motels , 1000 ft ships, wind lapped leaves, sunburned exteriors, biscuits and gravy, window unit buzz, free HBO, poorly lit diners, cool shade over pools, the absurdity of the jet set, and the open roads they all live on.”

Seth Smith Motel Paintings


Aurora Borealis Heat Change Mug


Animal Multi-Tool

One Fragment Apple Pencil Wood Case

Smartphone Mount Astronaut

Down Puffy Outdoor Blanket 

Cloud Concrete Toilet Paper Storage

Friday Likes


A new Rembrandt painting has been revealed, and no, this isn’t a newly discovered Rembrandt, it is a brand new one. How can someone who has been dead since 1669 create a painting post-mortem you say? Using 3D printing.

A team of developers used advanced algorithms to predict Rembrandt’s next painting. The sophisticated algorithms and data measured everything from eye width, to brush stroke height to create a program for a 3D printer to follow, that once complete might even foul a forgery expert. No, it is not technically a Rembrandt, but this is the best possible prediction of what his next masterpiece would have been.

The Next Rembrandt


One of the worst things as a creative parent, is having to buy poorly illustrated games, toys, and books for your kids. We love when we can find fun, interactive games for our kids that also look great. The Memory Palace, illustrated by artist Matt Kaufenburg, is the perfect example.


The Memory Palace, by Peaceable Kingdom, is a storytelling game that focuses on building memory and imagination. During the game, players make up silly stories about animals in different scenarios. Matt Kaufenburg’s fun characters are the perfect asset for this imaginative game. It can be purchased on Amazon. See more of Matt’s work here and here.

Memory Palace by Matt Kaufenburg


If you are anything like me, I am always on the hunt for new products that will make my life easier and or inspiring. But it can be hard finding a single site that curates such quality content that interests me as a creative. That is until my friend and designer, Adam Stevens, created Pixel Papes.

Pixel Papes is a curation of well-designed products that fall under five categories; Product, digital, games, entertainment and books. And the best part is, if you see it on Pixel Papes you better believe you can purchase it. Enjoy!

Pixel Papes