Friday Likes

Floating House Shelves


Reclaimed Wood Fawn Speaker

DIY Cork Planters

Terra Hydra Terrarium 

Stackable Brain Specimen Coasters

Peg Lamp




As an advocate for instigating personal projects that make you happy, I was thrilled to find these stamps by Martin Azambuja. We have showcased his work before, and likely will again. These color combinations and beautiful shapes make it feel so Scandinavian, and I love it.


Mundo Flora Illustrated Stamp Series


We have very limited wall space left at Brave the Woods, but I would make room for this. This paper sculpture, “Floating Ship”, was created by Italian illustrator, Victoria Antollini. I love the angle/texture of the ship’s bow, and all the layered details that are slightly askew.

Floating Paper Ship Sculpture


The other day I realized how poorly I use my sketchbook. It is mostly filled with scribbles and notes from client meetings. Rarely does it contain experimentation and just free, unrestrained creating. Stepping away from the computer and making by hand leads to some amazing, happy accidents. This is why I love the sketchbook of illustrator, Gosia Herba so much. Feel free to be inspired.


Gosia Herba’s Sketchbook


Danish Teak Birds

City Chalk Hand Carved Gazelle Turkish CeramicsWhite World Map

Cactus Carry-All Tote Bag

Friday Likes


The first thing with an engine that I was allowed to drive, was a tractor. It was my neighbors old tractor, and he let me ride to practice driving and to run errands for him around our little neighborhood. I was probably about 8 or 9, and thought that driving that tractor was the epitome of cool. Tractors still have a special place in my heart, which is why this awesome illustrated series from Dave Mottram really speaks to me.

Dave Mottram illustrated this series of tractors as a personal project. He was interested in the shapes and styles of these old garden tractors and wanted to practice repetition (see the plants and ground). The end result was a fun series of nostalgia for anyone who ever grew up around tractors, and a visually interesting one for those who didn’t. Check out more of his work here.

Dave Mottram Tractors


Who says barcodes have to be a boring series of thick and thin, black lines with little numbers at the bottom? Apparently there is a lot you can do to jazz up a barcode, with it still remaining scannable. Who knew!? Take a look at this series of illustrated barcodes by designostrataur, Steve Simpson.

Whereas most designers would probably look for a way to ignore the barcode as a design element, Steve loves to challenge himself to make them part of the design. Each one of these barcode illustrations are completely functional. And he even shares how you can do it yourself. Once you know some simple rules, you can start illustrating your own barcodes! 

Illustrated Barcodes


 Enter the “Brave the Brave Tee” Contest running throughout the month of April. Share a picture of yourself wearing your Brave Tee with #bravetee on Instagram or Twitter and tag 2 friends that you think would look awesome in Brave the Woods swag for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the Brave Outpost. If you don’t have a Brave Tee, purchase yours now at the Brave Outpost at 20% off with promo code WEARBRAVE to receive it in time to enter the contest.


Entries must be posted between April 8-April 30 to qualify. The winner will be chosen May 1st.

Envy Green Women’s Tee
Heather Grey Women’s Tee Envy Green Men’s TeeHeather Grey Men’s Tee

Brave the Brave Tee Contest


Back in September, illustrator Neiko Ng started a “bird a day” project. This was a personal challenge to draw a bird every day with the motto “Draw a Bird a Day, Depression Goes Away.” These daily drawings were posted on Facebook and Instagram each day when the art was finished. The pastel colors and variety of bird types add to the beauty of these illustrations.

A poster of birds from the project can purchased on Neiko Ng’s Etsy shop here. Check out more work by Neiko Ng here and here


“Draw a Bird a Day, Depression Goes Away”


Solar System Map Print


Sushi Towels


Contract Card Variety Pack

Jagermeister 56 Parts Campaign

Wooden Paddle Boat




Friday Likes


Those of you who truly know me, know that I am a sucker for space themed artwork, especially if it has a vintage quality to it. I have been following illustrator Vincent Mahé for some time now on Behance, and his work never ceases to impress. This whole Explorers series is so amazingly graphic and fun. I love the bits of geometry, mixed in with these expressive little characters, and limited color palette.  Now I need to figure out how to purchase these from him…



Explorers Series by Vincent Mahé