Hatch’s 8th Annual Egg Coloring Contest

Each year, the extremely talented and creative folks over at Hatch hold an annual egg coloring contest. The contest is online and open to any and all who wish to adorn an egg however they see fit. You can enter your egg, or you can simply judge other people’s egg creations. And if you want to get real crazy this year, you can do both! It is fun either way, so go check it out and let the Easter festivities begin early this year! Oh, and did I mention there was a trophy for the winner? :)



The Inter States of America Tee – Matt Nicolaysen (only 12 days left to order on Cotton Bureau!)


TOTO The Toy Totem

Rope Packaging - IF Bags


Jellied Easter Surprise Eggs (DIY)

Bee Rider

Friday Likes


Sometimes you come across something that is so simple, yet brilliant, that you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. That’s how I feel about Sunkyung Kim’s activity book “Zoo In My Hand.” This is the perfect book for a rainy day, or to get kids’ (or adult’s) imaginations flowing. The book features 40 colorful folded pages with outlines of animal shapes on the edges that when cut out, create free standing animals. You create your own zoo. This is one book that is okay to cut up and destroy…it’s actually encouraged.


“Zoo In My Hand” is published by Éditions du Livre and can be purchased here.  

Zoo in my Hand


Who doesn’t love a good bar of chocolate? Especially if that bar of chocolate looks as good as the typographic chocolate created by students Lisa-Marie Peters and Christian Pannicke at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. This chocolate, made as a product idea for the Museum of Letters Berlin features typographic elements to celebrate the museum’s devotion to preserving and documenting letterforms. I love chocolate as  much as the next person, and wouldn’t mind picking up one of these as a souvenir of my museum trip…I just can’t guarantee  it would last long.

Lisa-Marie Peters and Christian Pannicke Communication Designs students who worked under the direction of Prof. Jürgen Huber. The parameters of the project was to create a souvenir keepsake, make it easily reproducible and able to sell at a low price, and make it something that would reflect the mission of the museum. The typography was chosen to be independent of specific cultures, regions, languages and script systems.  “We designed an own chocolate mold, packaging and presentation in the museum shop. Our product is aimed at design-oriented museum visitors, who appreciate handcraft products,” said Peters and Pannicke. For more information and further process pictures of the project, check here.

Typographic Chocolate


Russian folk art is a style that I am not too familiar with, but looking at these painted skulls, I definitely think I am converted to the style. Graphic Designer Sasha Vinogradova painted the different styles of Russian folk art on skulls to showcase the many different styles based on the area of the country they are from. Each style had very specific colors and elements, which Vinogradova explains within the art.

Vinogradova said she used skulls as her canvas to bring a fun new twist to the art and be reminiscent of Día de Muertoss. Not only is this a fun exploration of styles, but the painting on skulls makes the art stand out even more and to me is more reminiscent of some of the beautiful still life paintings of the romantic period. Check out more of Shasha Vinogradova’s work on behance or on her website

Russian Folk Painted Skulls


Laser-Cut Mandala


Naef Rainbow Toy and PuzzleClover Coffee Table Autobahn Pin Set  Weapon of Mass Creation Pencil Set Olive and Sinclair Chocolate

Friday Likes


For those of you who are planning on attending SXSW here in Austin this month, there is a chance we can meet! Join me at TOMS Roasting Co. on South Congress this Saturday the 14th. Click through for the down low…

From 9am to 12pm, Creative Market is hosting Lettering & Lattes. A SXSW event for those who enjoy lettering, conversation, coffee and tacos! And good news, I will not be the only letterer at the event who will be providing tips and hand lettering live. There are a host of much more talented and professional letterers that will be attending :) Scroll down on this link to see who all is coming. So mark it on your calendar and RSVP for the free event here!

Lettering & Lattes at SXSW


There is just something about a handmade card that makes it that much more special to send to someone. Thats why I love to find beautiful cards to hold onto for just the right occasion. These hand-printed cards from Morris & Essex give anyone on card hunt more than enough awesome examples to choose from. Morris & Essex uses a variety of techniques such as silkscreen, letterpress, linocut block-printing, and hand-cut stamps to create the striking patterns and designs on cards.

Morris & Essex is the work of Eliza Jane Curtis. She has been working on her unique prints since 1998 and creates lots of different hand-printed products like cards, t-shirts, bags, wallets, dish cloths and scarves. Curtis says she creates her products to make things that are valuable and last as opposed to our culture of disposable goods. She says “I love creating a world filled with pattern and color, turning my designs into useful products that serve a need and make someone happy, and that last for years and years.”

Check out her products on the Morris & Essex website or Etsy shop.

Morris & Essex Hand Printed Cards


Electroflux Fireplace

Japanese Tree Garden  The Label Chair Pina Colada Lamp Stacking CabinetBookshelf Room Divider

Friday Likes


Art is an important part of every child’s development, but unfortunately, art programs are lacking funding and being cut from schools. Art encourages critical thinking, creativity, and individuality and is something that children should not go without. This is where ARTtv comes into play. ARTtv is an Indiegogo project, currently in the funding stages, that aims to create a creative arts show for children.

Started by the creators of the children’s creative community, Outside Voice, ARTtv is a creative television program based on the same ideas as Outside Voice. They are trying to raise 50k to produce the show which will feature kids anchoring the show to teach concepts such as music, color and perspective. They have 10 more days to reach their goal, so check out the trailer below and then head over to Indiegogo to learn more!

ARTtv: A Creative Arts Show For Kids


Today, we had to pass along the work of French illustrator Nicolas Dehghani. His work reminds me of something you might see in the concept art of an animated movie. Why is it that concept art is always so much cooler than the actual animations? I love that Dehghani sticks to a limited color palette within his work; it makes it that much more striking. His use of texture also brings these characters to life and each piece seems to tell an epic story.


You can check out more of Nicolas Dehghani’s work here and here

Nicolas Dehghani Illustrations