Friday Likes

Astro Sports Set by Bryan Couchman




Walking Rock Mini Bucket Bag

Victorian Whale Book Ends

Holga iPhone Lens

A2 Whales Canvas Poster 

Seasons Kitchenware by Nao Tamura



Christmas time is almost here, and many companies are busy sending out holiday cards and care packages. One creative agency, Robot Food, decided to use a traditional Christmas icon to make a very non-traditional gift. They created these wooden robot nutcrackers, named Robot Roy, to send out to friends, family, and clients this year. These 50 limited-edition robots were designed in-house, and hand-painted, complete with gold foil wrapping. How do I get on the list to receive one of these?


To see more behind the scene from the created on Robot Roy, check out Robot Food’s Behance!

Robot Roy, The Nutcracker


Starbucks Coffee – Perfection from Not To Scale on Vimeo. It is Monday morning and you have a bunch of work to start back up on. Understandably, reading this blog is taking up your precious time and you need to at least appear busy at work :) So, enjoy this neat (and short) video of what it takes to get you your Starbucks coffee. It is a neat animated paper video created by the clever folks at Not To Scale. Happy Monday!

What It Takes To Get You Your Cup Of Starbucks Coffee


Monthly Measure by Sebastian Bergne


Amy Tangerine Yes Please Calendar Stamp Set  Animal Blocks Spoon Plus chopsticks and sauce bowl by Aissa Logerot Woodland Series Notecards by The DielineBabylon Pendant Light Herb Garden


Friday Likes


I know that this has been passed around on the internet quite a bit this last month, but on the off chance you hadn’t see it yet, we had to show this. Incredibly talented photographer Sacha Goldberg took cosplay photos of superheros as if they were in the 16th century. These photos were part of an exhibition for the Paris Photo Grand Palais last month. The most incredible part about these photos, are they are not created using photoshop. It is all amazing makeup, hair, costumes, and lighting on models (not the original actors and actresses) used to make the illusion of these screen superheros in Renaissance era times.

It really is amazing what the craft of talented artists can accomplish. Together, along with great photography, makeup artists, hair dressers, costume designers, models, and designers created an effect that most people would look at and think was only possible with Photoshop. They somehow made the models look like the actors and actresses that originally played the superheros all while creating photos that look like they should be on the wall in someones study. There are a lot of unsung heroes that go into photography like this. It is beautiful work, especially for a subject matter that would not usually be described as “beautiful.” Check it out.

16th Century Cosplay


I don’t know about y’all, but I have been anxiously awaiting the debut of Tad Carpenter’s passion project, Made in the Middle. And yesterday Tad finally released it to the world!  It most definitely did not disappoint either. Made in the Middle is all about celebrating the makers that live (and lived) in Kansas City.

Even though the site is very area-specific, there is a lot to be enjoyed by everyone else not living in KC. With the goal of Made in the Middle is to showcase creatives living in KC, the site does this in multiple ways. One, you can search by makers. Each maker is featured with a wonderful interview about their process, profession and why they love where they live. Two, you can shop incredible well designed products made just for KC fans and residents. And three, you can scroll through a truly interesting timeline of all the creativity that came through or started in KC since the late 1800′s.

What a neat way to celebrate the talent in an area, and hopefully bring more business there way! I always love to see people like Tad Carpenter, supporting their hometown. I have moved around so much that it makes me envious of people who have a ton of hometown pride. So go take a look at Made in the Middle and discover some truly talented folks and learn a bit about a cool city.


Made in the Middle


If you bought some art this past week with all of the crazy holiday sales, then you are surely looking for a frame. Framing is always frustrating. Either you can’t find the right size, right frame, or right price. Framing your art tends to be more expensive than the art itself. One company, Simply Framed, is working on trying to change the framing process. Their simple process allows you pick a size and frame type, and through a mail-in service, get a flat rate price to finish all your framing jobs. The customize your order based on your needs and wants, all for a fairly decent price.

The process is so simple at Simply Framed. One of the best parts, in my opinion, is that they do custom sizes all the way up to a 40×60 frame! They will even frame art such as textiles and scarves, and offer bulk and wholesale orders. So much time is spent walking through frame stores (or Ikea) looking for that non-standard size, when it could just be built to custom fit at a flat price. They also give you lots of options from adding matte to having a white, black, or natural wood frame (for easy painting or staining). The just may change the way framing is done.


Simply Framed



Stoneware Wall Planters by Rhyno Clayworks
Promo Code: BRAVE10 10% off entire shop until December 14th
“Modern wall planters. Clean modern glazed with 1/3 of the clay reveled.”

Sprout Doorstops  by Sew Sew Shoppe
Promo Code: BraveVisitor 15% off entire shop
“The Christmas Sprouts have got a little beastier and are weighty enough to hold your door open for all those Christmas visitors!”

Resin and Wood Jewelry by Dunger Design
Promo Code: XMAS14MF for 10€ off in the shop through Christmas
These beautiful handmade resin and wood design would make the perfect gift for the person on your list who loves colorful and one of a kind jewelry.

Handmade Mancard Straight Razor by MiniFab
Promo Code: BRAVE10 10% off entire shop
“A hot cup of coffee is a nice way to start your day, but nothing beats the feel of cold steel against the throat to invigorate your morning.”

Tree Slice Ornaments by She Likes Letters
Promo Code: BRAVETHEWOODS for 10% entire shop

Pilot and Captain Beanies and Candles 
20% off everything in their store right now.
Pilot and Captain’s store is full of great destination  and travel specific gift ideas for the whole family.

Hardwood Cutting Boards by Wastewood Designs
Promo Code: SAVE10 for 10% off entire shop
Great for the chef in your life, these hardwood cutting boards come in many fun designs or can be customized for a personal gift.

Type Prints by Two Moons and A Fry
Promo Code: BBF30 30% off entire shop through Dec. 5th
This creative shop uses whimsical type and art to celebrate every day life. The best part, is many of the prints are downloadable for quick gifts!

Tatay’s Gift
Promo Code: GIFTABOOK for 20% off Tatay’s Gift through December 10th
This story is not only a great story for all book lovers, but also teaches a wonderful lesson of giving while giving back. A percentage of all sales go towards helping bring clean water to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Magnetic Grill Kit by GneissSpice
Promo Code: THEBRAVE for 10% off Gneiss Spice kits
“Spices out of reach? Our magnetic spice jars are made to hold to your fridge. With spices in sight, you’ll use them more often, dishing up fabulous flavorful food!” Check out their Kickstarter campaign for custom spice kits here!

Leather Sketchbooks by In Blue
Promo Code: BRAVE4INBLUE for 10% off entire shop
This shop has such a variety of handmade leather  journals, flasks, coin purses and accessories , that you could find something for just about anyone on your list.

Wooden iPhone/iPad stand by Batelier Handicraft
Promo Code: BRAVE10BLOG for 10% off entire shop
“Who doesn’t have more than one device these days, so matching stands helps to keep your desk in coordinating style.”

Floral Print Lace Necklace by The Whirlwind 
Promo Code: 20SPECIAL for 20% off entire shop
“This quirky boho style necklace is made with vintage floral and polka dot fabric and new moss green scalloped lace. The rustic dark brass pendant and chain matches perfectly. “

Felt Cactus by BBrustic
Promo Code: RUSTICXMAS for 10% off order of $18 or more through Dec.31st
Handmade, needle felted items, and mossy terrarium kits. Great gifts for the desk, home, and Christmas decor.

Fox Lampshade by Most Likely Shop 
Promo Code: bravethewoods  for 5 Euros through December 10th
“Do it yourself lampshade for a standing light. The fox is the output of our search for a product which could be easily assembled by the customer and is designed with all our knowledge in 3d computer aided design.”

Little Sapling Toys Bowling Game
Promo Code: BRAVE10 for 10% off entire shop through March
Wooden, eco friendly toys made in the USA. Not only do they create quality wood toys, but they also plant a tree for each toy sold.

House of Rym Go Undercover Heavenly Honeycomb Throw 
All visitors to the site get 10% off their first order by joining the mailing list.
“These beautiful geometric blankets can be used as a throw, picnic rug, sofa throw, beach blanket or for that extra layer when relaxing by an open fire.”

Salemtown Board Co. Boards
Promo Code: BRAVE15 for 15% off through Dec. 25th
“Started as two guys in Nashville, TN, with $300 who wanted to build skateboards and see the world outside our front-doors change, even if just a little bit.”

DKNG Postcard Sets
Promo Code: POSTCARDS for 20% off through Dec. 15th
*They are also running a general holiday sale for 15% off anything in store with Promo Code: HOLIDAY
If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, DKNG has three different postcard sets to fill the stocking of any art fan this season. These postcards feature DKNG work from over the years in sets of 16; perfect for collecting and trading.

Zua Lamp by The Citizenry 
Promo Code: BRAVEBLOG 10% off Zua Lamp through the 14th
“Inspired by the belief that simplicity showcases natural beauty, this lamp is a sculptural statement piece that can be seamlessly styled in any home or studio space.”

Brave Tees
Promo Code: GIFTATEE for 20% off through December 10th
We first made these for us, but now want to share them with you! These grey or green Brave Tees come in both men and women’s cuts.

Geometric Animal Art by Geometricink
Promo Code: GEOINK15 15% off the entire purchase
“Affordable modern art with geometric tendencies. Here you’ll find hand-painted watercolors, signed prints, pillows, stationary and shelving.”

If you have someone forgetful on your list (or you are forgetful yourself), Tile is a great gift for for finding all of those inconvienent misplaced items in life. “At Tile, we believe that technology, design, and ingenuity can solve problems that most of us take for granted.”

Dipped Utensils by storiebrook
Handmade, colorfully dipped utensils and pencils for the modern kitchen and home. They come in sets and full kitchen collections for housewarming gifts, stocking stuffers, or Christmas presents.

Ceramic Succulent Planter by Oli’s Cupboard
“This lovely flower pot is a perfect gift for a plant-crazy person, or something special to give with a potted plant to someone you love.”

Holiday Gift Guide with Promo Codes


There are some shops I run into where I could quite literally walk out with any item they sell and be perfectly happy. And I am sure I am not alone when I say Concrete Matter is one of those shops. Have a guy on your Christmas list that is hard to shop for? You really need to take a gander on their site. Oh how I hope Krystal is reading this blog right now :)

Located in Amsterdam, Concrete Matter is the passion project gone business, for a graphic designer, museum curator, and an ambitious entrepreneur. These three gentlemen have curated an eclectic inventory of everything from mantiques, taxidermy, tools, books, shaving kits, charts, you name it. Be careful, because you could easily find yourself captivated by all the gems on their site and discover your cart getting fuller and fuller.

The Man’s Gift Co.: Concrete Matter


It’s Cyber Monday! To celebrate, we have two announcements: We opened a new shop called the Brave Outpost, and as a Cyber Monday sale we are giving you 25% off your order today! Just enter the promo code ‘CYBERSALE’ and order away!

Brave Outpost is the new and improved online shop, formally known as The Brave Shop. We decided we needed to make some changes so that the shopping experience could be better for y’all and we could properly showcase our products. Follow the newsletter on the site for regular sales and coupons and get a $5 off coupon toward your first purchase when you first sign up! Check it out here.


Cyber Monday Sale


Don’t forget it is Small Business Saturday! Go out and do some holiday shopping at any small business’s physical shop or website. Speaking of which, enter promo code ‘SMALLBIZSAT’ for free shipping off your entire order at our Brave Shop today only! Enjoy!

***Free shipping in the US only.

Small Business Saturday