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Singing Bowl Bath and Meditation Set



Mini Ice Cream Mobile Ghost LightsFamous Heads Series by We Are Kidz
Wizard of Oz Mondo Poster by DKNG

Bride’s Veil Counter Stool


I have seen a lot of amazing Wizard of OZ illustrations before, and these were mesmerizing. Using cut paper, Carlo Giovani created the cover and illustrations for a Brazilian version of Wizard of OZ. His illustrations would be amazing even in 2D, but the added dimension achieved by creating scenes out of cut paper is awesome. The staged lighting and carefully photographed scenes add a layer of rich dimension and drama. You need to see all of the illustrations, so check them out here.

Cut Paper Wizard of OZ


If you were paying close attention, you will notice we had some of Happy Habitat’s blankets featured in our last Friday Likes. But we felt these blankets deserved a bit more attention because of how much we love the bold, colorful designs.

The creator of Happy Habitat is Karrie Kaneda. After having been laid off from her advertising job, Karrie decided she wanted to go a different direction with her art. So she picked a medium and ran with it! Blankets seemed like a perfect canvas to her because they are functional pieces of art, that can also brighten up any room. Though she doesn’t only make blankets. She offers a range of products from pillow covers to iPad sleeves.

We fell in love with her beautifully simple designs that pop with color. Now we just need to purchase one so we can feel how soft they are. And apparently they are super soft recycled cotton :) Go shop her store here!




Hip & Colorful Blankets by Happy Habitat


Orbit Pintail Longboard by Jolby and Friends



Turned birds by Lars Beller Fjetland for HemGreenbo Rail Planters
Mount Fuji Beer GlassSmart Pot Plant Grower

Karrie Kaneda Blankets


Friday Likes


Have you been eyeing any art prints over at the Brave Outpost (the Brave the Woods shop)? Now is the time to get it! All art prints are on sale for 20% off with promo code 9EV8T9H. We have a large selection of prints and sizes, so hurry over to the Brave Outpost and pick yours up today while the sale lasts!


Art Print Sale on Brave Outpost


Have you ever wanted to collaborate with other local designer to do something bigger for your community? Design Like Mad might have a solution for you. Design Like Mad is a nonprofit organization that puts together events for creatives to get together for 12 hours to work collaboratively on projects for local non-profits. Their first event was in Madison, WI, and after a few more successful events in other cities, they have decided to keep expanding and giving design communities all over the country an opportunity to have an event in their city. They are currently crowd-source funding with Kickstarter and looking for their next city.

“Design Like Mad was founded in 2013 in Madison, Wis. by entrepreneur and professional UX designer Abby Larner. Larner saw an opportunity to support community nonprofits while also giving young talent the advantage of real-world experience. Teams of designers and developers spend the day tackling nonprofits’ most challenging and pressing design needs.

“Our first event was a huge success,” Larner said. “We had 80 designers and developers working on projects for 21 nonprofits, and the outcome was astonishing.”

Since then, Larner said Design Like Mad has experienced an influx of interest from other cities in hosting the event. In 2014 they expanded to Portland, Oregon, and in 2015 they have added Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and San Diego, California to the list.

“Design Like Mad has always been an grassroots organization dependent on its participants, which is why Kickstarter seemed like the perfect channel to raise money to support interested organizers in hosting the event in 2 more US cities in 2015,” Larner said.

The Design Like Mad Kickstarter is unique in the sense that it puts the power in the donors’ hands. Each pledge of $25 or more gives donors the opportunity to vote for Design Like Mad’s next cities. The Design Like Mad team will host this unique opportunity in the two cities that garner the most votes.”

Check out the Kickstarter Here. 

Design Like Mad


The founder of and his 8 year-old son decided to create visual food puns for each state. A few of my favorites include Arkanslaw, Pretzelvania, and Swissconsin. 

F0r a view of all the states in all their punny glory, go here.


State Food Puns


Mangal Stool and Side Table

Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser Lima Nesting Dolls Camper Van Bunk BedsTravel BuddiesPlank Shelf with Antique Copper

Friday Likes


We tend to be pretty lucky with the level of talent our friends typically have. Our friends Seth and Maddy Lucas are no exception. They are a married, creative duo that graduated from BYU-Idaho with Krystal and I. Now they are running their own successful creative studio called Ello There, where they make and sell products ranging from wedding invites, space patches, and national park maps. Click through to see what they had to say about their growing business in an interview.

Seth and Maddy started their creative venture on Etsy with wedding invites, but now have expanded into a bunch of new product lines. And now you can find their products all over the country in over 50 stores. If you are the adventurous type, you surely will enjoy their love of all things travel, outdoors, and a hint retro. All made right here in the USA.

It is inevitable that you are going to want to purchase something from their shop, so they were kind enough to offer 10% off anything in their shop! Just use the promo code: bravethewoods and go nuts!

We asked them a few questions about the inspiration behind their new products and how they both contribute to Ello There. Here is the interview:

Q: It seems you two are a couple of wanderlusts. How do you go about incorporating your experiences into the products you create?

A: We actually went about that sort of backwards, so that our product actually influenced our experiences. Maddy told me she wanted us to go to all the National Parks in our lifetime, and that she wanted a map to keep track of it. By setting this goal we discovered that we loved visiting the National Parks, and all the camping and hiking that goes along with it. Now it’s just part of what we do, we’re actually about to head out of town to go to Acadia this weekend.

Q: What type of ideation process do you go through to produce new products for your shop?

A: We try to create work that we love and would want to have first and then cut out the ideas that aren’t feasible. We try to balance that with what’s sold well for us in the past. Usually we start with a poster and make patches, cards or other products that fit in with that theme.

Q: What creative roles do you both play? Or better yet, how do you divvy those up between the two of you during projects?

A: Maddy and I come up with most of the ideas together, she is much more organizational than I am so she runs most of our correspondence and social media, and she does a lot of custom design work for our retail shops and invitation customers. I do the original design work,  but I’m definitely trying to make something we’re both excited about.

Q: Do you have any single project that you are most proud of?

A: Our National Parks poster has definitely been the most successful, so I love thinking about how many homes our poster is in, and how many people have been able to track their park visits with stickers and have hopefully gotten excited about going to more National Parks as their own lifetime goal.

Q: What steps do you take to insure you create quality products?

A: At a minimum we make all our products in the U.S. and beyond that we try to stick with smaller companies that we know our audience loves (Mama’s Sauce, Vahalla). When I see a product I love I try to ask where it was made in a polite way and most designers are pretty cool about sharing their manufacturers if they haven’t already mentioned it online somewhere. Working with printers that have built up a kind of cult following is great because they share our posters with people who love print as much as we do.

Q: What are your future plans for Ello There? 

A: We’d like to create more usable and wearable products and step beyond print.

Ello There Print Co. Interview


Ale Giorgini “Star Wars”

Carlos Lerma “Storm Trooper” Ema Rogobete and Diogo Gil “Stormtrooper Animation”

Ema Rogobete and Diogo Gil “Darth Vader Animation”Juan Esteban Rodríguez “Star Wars Poster”E. Scott Derby “No Good To Me Dead” Juan Fernando Garcia “You’re My Only Hope”Patrick Seymour “Rebel Alliance” Gemma Román “Shoot Like a Girl” Craig Drake “Stormtrooper”Craig Drake “The Bounty Hunter”Marie Bergeron “Lord Vader

Rodolfo Velado “May the Fun be With You”

May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Fan Art


DIY Paper Plants

Kranium Modern Skull Container 
Campsite Nightlight Woodland Forrest Bookshelf and Bookends Ampersand Cross Stitch 

Pounded Punched Metal Pendant Lamps

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