Swedish Handicraft Societies Branding

I stopped for the ‘H’ but stayed for the bold, modern brand elements. The Swedish Handicraft Association has been going strong for over 100 years now with thousands of members and several offices and retail shops. The problem was figuring out a way to keep them all under a single brand. And not only fitting under one brand, but also making it feel modern, yet still keep the rich history of makers that made it who it is. The final result is a stunning new identity called Hemslöjden by the Snask.


I feel like I would be hard-pressed to find many designers out there who don’t already know about this Design Gangs series by Matt Stevens. He has been posting these bad boys all over the inter webs, as what looked like a passive side project. Though I think everyone, including myself, was hoping these would be slapped on something real. Well, let me introduce you to Matt’s Kickstarter campaign, Design Gangs.

As I said before, these badges were just begging to become a reality. Each time he created a new design, I was just as impressed as the last one he posted. His clever plays off of that unspoken agency language is spot on. Anyone who has worked at a creative agency or studio will immediately understand the wit behind each. And to top it off, the designs are amazing. I absolutely love that they feel like something that would live on the back of a biker vest. If I only had one wish, it would be that these were also, physical badges :)

Go help support the Design Gangs series by pledging on Kickstarter and getting yourself a tee, poster, temporary tattoos, or all the above! Only 11 days left, so pledge here today!

Design Gangs on Kickstarter


William Sonoma Sticky Paws

With a Twist Tea Cups

Mario Bellini Le Bambole chairs

Oil Burners by Alex Berdis 

Personalized Cocoa Stencil 

Oh Joy! Striped Stoneware Pitcher

Friday Likes


Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to Superman with his X-ray vision? French artists Chris Panda did and illustrated a series of popular characters under X-ray so you can see their skeletal structure. Seeing the whole skeleton of these characters adds another depth to them, and some of them are almost surprising. It would be interesting to see a whole comic book illustrated in this style.

I love the graphic novel feeling that adding the X-ray effect gives to even some of the most cutesy Disney characters. There is a lot of creativity involved in creating a skeleton for non-naturally occurring charters like Leo from the Ninja Turtles and Smurfette. Also, I completely forgot Ariel was really part fish until seeing this illustration; I always think of the human part of her and forget that she has a fish tail. Panda also has an impressive knowledge of the skeleton to be able to pull these illustrations off. Illustrating all of those bones and knowing where they should be isn’t an easy task. Overall, a very interesting take on characters we see all of the time.

Chris Panda is an comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from France. He works on a variety of commission projects and with creative agencies. His portfolio is full of a variety of comic style works such as pin-ups, pop culture charters, portraits, blueprints, and X-ray illustrations. You can see more of his work here

Chris Panda XRay Comics


How many times have you maddeningly searched, and re-searched, for things like your lost keys, tv remote, laptop, or wallet? At least for myself, every time I found myself in this type of predicament, I wished had something like the panic button on my car remote to aid me in my search. Well, this tiny product does even better than that.

Tile is both a product and an app. Paired together it can help you track the things you can’t stand to lose. The product is a durable little tile that you can hook onto, or slip into anything you want. They are essentially little beacons that interact with your smart phone. Just assign each tile with whatever you choose, and you can track its whereabouts on the Tile App.

Admittedly, there are a ton of gadgets out there now that will help you track down your valuables. But Tile seems to be in a league of its own. Not only can you track the tiles with the your phone, but you can also have them play a sound so you can hear if you are close. Add that function to their sturdy yet minimal design, and you have a handy and beautiful product. Adding this to my Christmas list as we speak.

For more details on the Tile, or to purchase some for yourself, go here.

Keep Track of all Your Things with Tiles


We are now a couple weeks into selling our new Brave Tees, and they are flying off our store shelves! Amidst all the craziness of selling and shipping our tees, we realized we had yet to take any product shots of our tees on actual people. Last week we fixed that.

If the shirts look super comfy on our models, just wait until you try wearing one. They are Next Level Apparel tees in a soft, shrink-resistant, Tri-blend material. They come in an Envy Green or Premium Heather Grey, in both men’s and women’s cuts.

You should have your very own Brave Tee, so let’s call today, Tee Tuesday. And on Tee Tuesday you get free shipping if you use the promo code: ‘SMOOTHSAILING’. The sale will only work for one day, so hurry and get yours here!

Brave Tee Photoshoot + Free Shipping


I always find it admirable when companies find creative ways to recycle materials to create their products. Some methods of recycling are more unique than others. Just take a look at Wishbone Design Studio’s Recycled Edition bicycle. It is made from 100% recycled carpets from living rooms all across America.

To recycle carpeting, they scrape off the fiber, shred it and mix it with glass fibre to increase the strength. Melt it down into forms and you got your recycled Wishbone bikes! Pretty ingenious.

Just to add to the coolness of this bike, and all the other Wishbone bikes, they can be converted into three different styles of bikes, to continue to fit your kid as they get older.

You can get one of your own here!

Via Design-Milk

Bicycles made from 100% Recycled Carpet


Grand Pudapest Hotel by Thibaud Herem 


Mid-Century Christmas Card Teak and Bamboo Watches by Analog Watch Co.Totem Serving Set  Wings ChairAnimal Pocket Knife by David Suhami


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As you would expect, we are starting to ramp up for the holiday season that is rapidly approaching. It seems like we get a late start every year because we have a hard time letting go of Halloween! But now we are finally getting into the holiday spirit and starting to add festive prints for you to adorn your walls. Just promise us you won’t hang these up until after Thanksgiving :)

I always loved looking at all the different types of nutcrackers during Christmas. Each one was so unique, I thought it would be fun putting my own spin on a few different nutcrackers myself. In The Brave Shop, you can choose between either a blue, green or red version. The hardest part was deciding to stop after making three, they were so much fun to make!

Purchase your very own prints here in our shop! As an added bonus, use the promo code ‘AWWENUTS’ to get 25% off nutcracker prints! This sale will only last a week, so hurry up and grab one..or two..or heck, all three!

Keep your eye on the blog for tons of sales and new holiday products all the way though Christmas! Enjoy!

25% Off New Nutcracker Prints


Choosing to be represented by an artist rep is both a big decision and commitment. So making that leap of faith into the arms of an agency or rep can be a bit daunting. This is your livelihood we are talking about. You want to make sure you are putting your trust (and money) into trustworthy and capable hands. Having some hesitation about the artist/agent relationship is legitimate and good to be aware of. There are arguments on both sides about whether or not getting an artist rep is the right way to go, but ultimately it depends on you.

Let’s see if a signing with a rep is something that might benefit you. If you read this list and find yourself nodding your head and saying “this is me” to a few of the scenarios, then you might want to look into art representation:

- “I have a hard time knowing what my talent is worth. Pricing is hard and nerve-racking.”

- “Doing all the paperwork for each project with a client is exhausting and takes up time that I would rather be using to work.”

- “It would be really neat to land projects for some big clients. I don’t get that many big names on my own. “

- “Promoting my work and finding new clients has been slow. I could really use more work.”

- “Dealing with clients and trying to get them pay me is not something I am comfortable with.”

How’d you do? Is your mind still not made up yet? If not, let’s get into the nitty gritty of art representation.

Having someone represent your work can provide a big boost to your business. It can help you land bigger clients. Many companies and advertising agencies will contact illustration agencies instead of the individual artist because they trust the reputable name of the company. This is a good thing to take advantage of if you are just starting out.

Some Roles of an Artist Rep:

- Providing artist with new commissions.

- Building strong relationships with clients and art buyers.

- Promoting your work in your behalf. They can do this by sending out promotional items, booklets, postcards, emails, events, social media, portfolio site, etc.

- Representing you in specific countries. They can represent you worldwide, or you can work out a deal to have them only represent you in certain countries.

- Knowing the industry standards for pricing. You want to get you paid what you deserve.

- Providing clients with contracts and agreements for usage fees and licensing.

- Invoicing the client and making sure you get paid. Once they get paid, you get paid.

- Entering your work into awards competitions or submit your work into publications.

Choosing the Right Rep:

Do your homework. Find out which rep or agency fits your needs best. Each rep is so drastically different, finding the one that best suits your needs can be tricky. Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for that perfect rep:

- Is your style unique from the rest artists they represent? You want your work to stand out so you don’t have to compete with fellow artists in your agency for jobs.

- How many other artists are represented by the rep? Do you want a rep who represents hundreds of artists, or 20?

- How does their client list look? Do they have the type of clients you want to work for?

- Will they represent you worldwide, or in a specific country? If for example, they are based in the US, you may not want to have them represent you in the UK unless you know they have connections out there. No sense in paying for another feature if it doesn’t work. If they only represent you in one country, and you want a different rep for say, the UK, then make sure the contract allows you to work with with another rep.

- What is their cut of each commission? Typically reps take between 20% to 35% of each commission. Understand that most reps require ALL the illustration jobs you do go through them. That includes any work you find yourself.

- Are there marketing fees? Some reps charge the artist for printing marketing materials. Sometimes it is a yearly fee and other times it is situational. Sometimes these fees are mandatory, and other times they are suggested. These are important details to know.

- Are they good people? Remember, they work for you. Make sure they represent you well, and make sure you get along with them. In order for the business relationship to work, there needs to be transparency on both ends.

Tips For Reaching out to Reps:

- Have a website, or professional blog to point them to.

- It helps to have some commercial experience. They like to see how you have managed to work your illustrative style into the commercial realm.

- Submit work that the rep’s clients would be interested in.

- Show them work that is different than the other artists they represent. Reps often like to get a variety of artists so that they have more to offer their clients.

- Be upfront about your concerns. And don’t hesitate to negotiate terms!


Illustration agents aren’t for everyone. Some artists enjoy the business side, dealing with clients, and all that that entails. And maybe you are amazing at self-promotion, and have no problem finding new work. If that is the case, then you probably don’t want to have a rep.

Just like every artist is different, so is every artist rep. Do your homework and shop around for the rep that fits you best. If you are blessed with multiple options to choose from, remember you can negotiate terms. It is as much an interview of them, than they of you. Make them sell you.

Best of luck on your very personal quest of finding out if an artist rep is right for you!

The Nitty Gritty of Art Representation


Robot Nutcracker by Matthias Zchaler for Suck UK


Embroidered Anatomy by Fabulous Cat Papers

Gem Lamp by Worley’s Lighting

Sun Cloud by Sew Sew  ***use promo code ‘BraveVisitor’ at checkout for 15% off all orders from Sew Sew!

Flat Packed Yodessa Stool by Tizumuka

Taco Truck Taco Holder by Fred & Friends

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