Essential Greetings Card Supply Box

Well-designed greeting cards are somewhat of a rarity when you stroll through the card aisles at most stores. I can’t tell you how many times I wasted an hour at the store trying to find a card that didn’t offend the creative inside me. For all you who know what I am talking about, check out this new Essentials Greetings Card Supply Box by Telegramme Paper Co.

The box comes with 10 assorted greeting cards that cover everything from Birthdays to Congratulations and other miscellaneous celebrations so you’ll always be prepared. Pick up a box here!


Simply Vuela Light Fixture


Hay Brass Scissors Succulent Cell Planter
Scoop Light

Barrington Blue PillowsHand Painted Stone Bird

Friday Likes


Wallets are the worst. They are bulky, uncomfortable to sit on, and usually have more stuff you don’t need than the stuff you do need. Then, you have the problem of carrying your keys with that big wallet. Thankfully the age of minimalism is back upon us, and products like the Liquid Essentialist Wallet are being created.

This wallet boast being low profile and uncomplicated. “Having a minimalist wallet together with important accessories such as a USB, bottle opener, LED torch or even your keys makes your life much more efficient. Accessories or keys can be interchanged to suit every lifestyle.” Check out the essentialist wallet and other liquid products here

Liquid Essentialist Wallet


It’s always  fun to see kids use their imaginations to create their own creatures. I used to love those coloring books that encouraged you to use different animal parts to create something new. That is the concept behind Animanes a project by Pedro Cerisola. Animanes are wooden animals with magnetic limbs that can be mixed and matched. Kids (or adults) can create the animal how it actually is or make something completely new.

Not only are Animanes a fun concept, but they look great too. He used birch wood parts cut out and rounded off with sandpaper and an avocado oil finish. The layered wood assemble also creates a nice graphic style. These are toys I wouldn’t want to immediately hide in the toy box. Check out more about this project on Cerisola’s behance site


Animanes Wooden Animals


This morning, we wanted to pass along a project that really caught our eye by the ever-talented Mikey Burton. He was recently tasked with the branding of Australia based South East Brewing Company’s product: Golden Axe Apple Cider. He was able to get fun and clever with this brand, while still keeping it clean and professional. All of the assets work so well together in a really playful way. We love this new branding, and we also love that Mikey may or may not have made himself the main character of Golden Axe Apple Cider.

Check out more awesome assets of this branding project on Mikey Burton’s site or on Golden Axe Apple Cider’s site.

Golden Axe Apple Cider


For anyone who has ever looked for the perfect size desk or table, and has been frustrated with the lack of non-standard sizes and shapes, the Floyd Leg is a dream come true. For anyone who has ever found a really awesome game board/metal grate/type case/mirror/etc that they thought would make any amazing table, but there was no way to screw legs onto it, the Floyd Leg is a dream come true. For anyone who has no woodshop or handyman skills, but still wants a custom table made by themselves, the Floyd leg is a dream come true. My only complaint is that I didn’t think of this first.

The Floyd Leg is a product that allows you to custom make any table with just a flat surface and these clamp on legs. Literally any flat surface, under 2 inches thick, can be made in to a table. This product came about from crowdsource funding on Kickstarter and now is a purchasable product on the Floyd Leg website. It comes in sets of 16″ tall, 29.5″ tall, 29.5″ industrial with cross-bracing straps, or shelf clamps. Check out more of their story here.

The Floyd Leg


For Disability Awareness Month in March, Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities wanted us to create a campaign to remind the folks in Indiana that communities thrive when we all take an active part. The theme for this year is “Love Where You Live”, and we couldn’t have been more excited with the direction they wanted us to take the campaign.

We collaborated with creative agency, Borshoff, to create this bright, vibrant campaign that showcases vibrant and diverse communities. As for collateral we had the opportunity to design the poster, bookmarks and stickers that will be displayed in schools all over Indiana. Not to mention, they let us design a billboard.

Go check out for more info!

Love Where You Live


*UPDATE 1.4.15: Our 2015 Brave Wall Calendar is 15% off right now in our shop if you use promo code: NEWYEARCHEER

It is nearly 2015 and we can’t hardly wait! In honor of our excitement for the new year, we created a wall calendar that we are so proud to show to the world! As you have seen in many of our Friday Likes posts, we are a bit addicted to beautiful, clever calendars. And we hope our 2015 Perforated Wall Calendar fits right in.

Our calendars are 12″ x 18″ giclée prints on archival quality, 100% cotton paper. Each month is perforated so that you can tear off each month as each month begins. Also, each month card has an important event, person or invention that correlates with that month in history. So, do what you want with them!  If you want each month as its own card, tear them out as you go. Or if you want it as a single print on your wall, leave it alone. The possibilities are nearly infinite :) Happy New Year!

Purchase your own calendar here!

2015 Perforated Brave Wall Calendar


Astro Sports Set by Bryan Couchman




Walking Rock Mini Bucket Bag

Victorian Whale Book Ends

Holga iPhone Lens

A2 Whales Canvas Poster 

Seasons Kitchenware by Nao Tamura


Friday Likes


Christmas time is almost here, and many companies are busy sending out holiday cards and care packages. One creative agency, Robot Food, decided to use a traditional Christmas icon to make a very non-traditional gift. They created these wooden robot nutcrackers, named Robot Roy, to send out to friends, family, and clients this year. These 50 limited-edition robots were designed in-house, and hand-painted, complete with gold foil wrapping. How do I get on the list to receive one of these?


To see more behind the scene from the created on Robot Roy, check out Robot Food’s Behance!

Robot Roy, The Nutcracker


Starbucks Coffee – Perfection from Not To Scale on Vimeo. It is Monday morning and you have a bunch of work to start back up on. Understandably, reading this blog is taking up your precious time and you need to at least appear busy at work :) So, enjoy this neat (and short) video of what it takes to get you your Starbucks coffee. It is a neat animated paper video created by the clever folks at Not To Scale. Happy Monday!

What It Takes To Get You Your Cup Of Starbucks Coffee