Brave Outpost Holiday Sale Sneak Peek

The holidays have arrived, and so has the Brave Outpost Holiday Sale! Starting Cyber Monday (November 30), the listed sales apply and will last throughout the season. Hurry and get your orders in quickly though so you have time to get them under your tree before Christmas morning. Prints, posters, books, tees, and even greeting cards will be on sale. Get your wishlist ready for Monday!


TroblaWooden Amplifier



Constellations by Mike Lemanski

Screen-Shot-2015-11-20-at-2.52.24-PMZebra Boat by Dimitri Bez

Fluidity Plate Dryer by DesignLibero

Sweeper and Dustpan by Jan KochanskiNessie Ladle

Friday Likes


Historically, industrialization has not left behind the most beautiful things, but every once in awhile the byproduct of machines can create serendipitous treasures. One such treasure, is Fordite.  As a Michigander, I am always intrigued by a little bit of Michigan history, especially when it involves art.

Fordite is a rare mineral that can only be found in old auto-painting factories in Detroit. It was created when enamel paint from auto painting overspray built up and was heated and baked over and over. The paint layered itself on the tracks that cars where hand sprayed on, and made layers of color. When the buildup got to large and obstructing, it had to be chipped off, creating these almost psychedelic rocks that artists quickly recognized as a potential commodity.

Auto painting is now completely automated, and paint buildup like this no longer occurs, making Fordite very rare. Artists now take Fordite and craft it into jewelry, sculptures, and even knife handles. Not only is it cool to look at, but it is eco friendly as a recycled material, and an awesome piece of history. Check out some Fordite products on Etsy.


Fordite: A Man-Made Mineral


Mr.&Mrs. Clynk Porcelain Pots



Gramophone Docking Station 


Dieter rams Braun Shaver

Symbol Tabletop HiFi

Backgammon Boards by Ara and Jack Peterson

Grid Vases by Jaime Hayon

Friday Likes


As an exclusive commission for The Municipal Prints Company, we created four posters celebrating Art Deco’s Legacy in Los Angeles. The Deco Los Angeles series highlights the LA Central Library, Griffith Observatory, Pan-Pacific Auditorium and Union Station. It was a long time in the making, but we are so happy to finally show them off to the world.

Our challenge was deciding which angle of each building would be most compelling and showcase the building’s unique architectural features. In executing the posters we wanted to keep that Art Deco vibe, but put a modern twist on it so it would feel fresh and new.

Each poster is a 12 x 18, 3 color silkscreen. You can purchase your own here!

Deco Los Angeles Poster Series


What if you could look through a downed tree log, and see into the past of where it came from, and what it may have seen? That is exactly what you can do in the log series of New York based artist, Alison Moritsugu. Moritsugu paints oil paintings on the ends of salvaged logs that allow us to glimpse into another world, almost like a periscope to it’s history.

Alison Moritsugu has an upcoming solo exhibition, opening this Thursday in the Littlejohn Contemporary in New York, NY. The exhibit will be open from November 12- December 12, 2015. Those of us not lucky enough to see her work in person, can view more of it here. Also, check out more of the log series here.

Alison Moritsugu Log Series


Nostalgia has a powerful draw. We tend to love things that bring us back to a happier, carefree time in life. That is what the illustration work of Teagan White does for me. Her combination of retro colors and textures, with the whimsy of nature works perfectly for her childhood memory-focused subject matters.

Teagan White is a Minnesota based illustrator from the Chicago. She is very interested in flora and fauna and the intricacies of nature, as is evident in her work. She has lent her talent to many large companies, including Target, Washington Post, Papyrus, and Disney Hyperion. Along with her children’s illustrations, Teagan White also does typography and other illustration and design work. 

Tegan White Children’s Illustration


We feel so lucky that our paths crossed with the amazingly talented Jeremy and Christi Barnes last year. It isn’t often that you meet people so good at everything they touch, and so genuine at the same time. Whether through their writing or their photography, their work continues to blow us away and transport us into a world of beauty as seen through their eyes. That is why we are so excited about their newest venture, a printed version of their online magazine Woven, and giving you an opportunity to join us in supporting their Kickstarter to make this magazine a reality.

You may remember Woven from the feature that they did of Brave the Woods last year and the post we did about them at that time. Never has anyone else captured us and our mission quite as perfectly and beautifully as they did. Their talent for storytelling rivals poets and combined with the flawless images they capture, has the ability to make you feel like you are there, experiencing everything with them. Jeremy and Christi are on a mission to tell the stories of the makers and the thinkers. They are uniquely interested in the people behind the craft. These are the stories they want to tell in Woven, in a tangible form that can be experienced and shared.

“After over a year of investing all we have into traveling, hearing and sharing stories, hosting a wealth of content online, and investing in makers we’ve met along the way, it’s time to expand. We want to include more contributors, more makers far and wide, and expand our support of the handmade economy. We want to continue educating readers on the value of small businesses, and keeping craft alive. Our role in this mission is small but unique, bringing together a wide variety of art and craft mediums along with contemplative essays that suit an audience grounded in or ready to being a more conscientious approach to consumption.” – Woven

Invest in Woven with us! 

Woven Magazine


Black Cat Tango by Macgreen


Happy Halloween!
Halloween Treasure Studio Vintage Halloween PlaqueThe New York Cover by Chris Greco“Soon” by Greg Abbott

“Spooktacular Eve” fabric by Maude Ashbury

Friday Likes Halloween Edition


It’s almost Halloween, and all things creepy and spooky are on our  minds. To kick of the festivities, we wanted to share this student project by designer Zoey Chung for the Academy of Art University. The project is titled “Shadow Beer” and uses the idea of black magic and the occult to create a wonderfully eerie brand and packaging.


“Shadow is inspired by “black magic”, which symbolizes the supernatural powers that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The eye logo is the portal to that spiritual essence. In the six pack of Shadow, each bottle has a different taste indicating a “different personality”, and they are represented on the labels as witches hands, scale, sword, moon, sun and fire. The overall style is dark and mysterious.” Learn more about this project here.


Shadow Beer


Hanging Planter




Gold Lustre Cups Madsen Cargo Bikes Skeleton Face Wood Watch by Jord Gem Mirror 

Lake Art 

Friday Likes