Woven Magazine

We feel so lucky that our paths crossed with the amazingly talented Jeremy and Christi Barnes last year. It isn't often that you meet people so good at everything they touch, and so genuine at the same time. Whether through their writing or their photography, their work continues to blow us away and transport us into a world of beauty as seen through their eyes. That is why we are so excited about their newest venture, a printed version of their online magazine Woven, and giving you an opportunity to join us in supporting their Kickstarter to make this magazine a reality.

You may remember Woven from the feature that they did of Brave the Woods last year and the post we did about them at that time. Never has anyone else captured us and our mission quite as perfectly and beautifully as they did. Their talent for storytelling rivals poets and combined with the flawless images they capture, has the ability to make you feel like you are there, experiencing everything with them. Jeremy and Christi are on a mission to tell the stories of the makers and the thinkers. They are uniquely interested in the people behind the craft. These are the stories they want to tell in Woven, in a tangible form that can be experienced and shared.

"After over a year of investing all we have into traveling, hearing and sharing stories, hosting a wealth of content online, and investing in makers we’ve met along the way, it’s time to expand. We want to include more contributors, more makers far and wide, and expand our support of the handmade economy. We want to continue educating readers on the value of small businesses, and keeping craft alive. Our role in this mission is small but unique, bringing together a wide variety of art and craft mediums along with contemplative essays that suit an audience grounded in or ready to being a more conscientious approach to consumption." - Woven

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