We landed this amazing project because of the author, Matt Roeser, who had it set in his mind that we were to be the ones to illustrate his story. And we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The story itself is about a grumpy asteroid named Astro who is bumped out of orbit and goes on an unexpected adventure toward earth. Astro is an adorably, cranky character who entertains the reader all the way through the picture book.

Taking on the illustrations for this children's book was a big step for us. It would mark the first time we illustrated a book through a publishing company, so there was a natural learning curve that we had to embrace. Thankfully the team we worked with at Simon & Schuster was extremely helpful and brilliant so we were able to make it even better.

There was a lot of preparation as we sketched several iterations of spreads to get the pacing and visuals correct.

Astro’s final character developed after a lot character and expression studies.