This project pushed our existing creative limits into a new realm we had never explored or realized existed within us. The brief was extremely exciting because the project was to illustrate the cover of this retro-inspired camper trailer for a new camper trailer made by Flyte Camp. But we didn't realize the style they were looking for was a bit older than we typically work in (1930s - 1940s), and it was going to force us to make something much less graphic, and a whole lot more realistic. We took the challenge.

We couldn't have done it without the trust and recommendation of Wilde & Co., the agency who invited us to this project. And we can't forget our amazing friends, Anna and Justin Scribner, who run Flyte Camp and star in the TV show Flipping RVs.

In order to get the desired 1940s advertisement vibe we had to hand paint the entire thing using digital paint brushes on a Cintiq tablet, and then apply a texture created by an old, scratched up sheet of metal and a grain filter.

The sketching phase of this project was especially important because we had to make sure we had both the most interesting angle of the camper, and the correct environment around the camper that didn’t distract.