What a Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book by Keith Allen

It's no secret that we at Brave the Woods love children's books! As a young kid, one of my favorite types of books to read was pop-up books. Not only were they fun, but the engineering behind how it worked was always so interesting to me. I remember opening and closing the pages over and over just to watch how all of the pieces opened up. That is why finding a pop up book with awesome illustrations and a fun story to back it up is so exciting! What Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book by Keith Allen is that book.


What a Mess! is currently being funded on Kickstarter, so if you want this story to add to your own collection, the time to order is now! If you have been following along with our projects recently, you know we are all about passion projects and finding time to do what you love. That is why this project, which Keith Allen called the "5am Pop-Up Book Project" is so inspiring. He didn't let having a full time job, and kids, and other responsibilities keep him from completing his passion project. Instead he found time to make it happen. Check out  What Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book on Kickstarter!