Thrift Shop Monster Paintings

We really love shopping at the thrift shops (stop judging us), and if you have spent as much time in thrift shops as us, you generally know what to expect. The one things all thrift shops have in common, is a surplus of landscape paintings in large frames. We have considered buying them to repurpose the frames, but never the art itself. Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal have come up with the most genius idea to repurpose the art: add monsters!

McMahon and Segal make these discarded landscape paintings something completely new and original. They match the type of paint originally used and blend them into the paintings to make it seem like the monsters were always there in the first place. They even go as far as adding their signature with the original artist, for authenticity of course. It seriously looks like the monster walking through a mountain scene was meant to be there, and a water skier pulled by a flying  monster looks oddly natural.


4 responses to “Thrift Shop Monster Paintings”

  1. Thyrza Segal says:

    Thanks for posting about my paintings! As you can see, I share your affection for thriftin’ (as me and my thriftin’ partner call it). I seem to get a LOT of art supplies at second hand stores…
    I am trying to let the entire internet know that I’m selling the (semi) original paintings from this series by auction. The auction is over tomorrow though (Ends Dec 5,2013)

    I’ll still have prints on etsy though
    (‎ )

    I’m also giving away free high res.files of “Ropin’ Cowboys” to anyone who emails me looking for it :

  2. Sadie says:

    This is THE COOLEST thing ever. Way better than adding zombies to Pride and Prejudice. Well done!!!

  3. Heather says:

    These are awesome, but I hope the artists are checking to be sure they don’t have a lost treasure on their hands. A couple of those look pretty nice for thrift shop paintings.

  4. Thyrza Segal says:

    Thanks Sadie! Nothin’ wrong with a few zombies here and there though- My facebook pal Kim Sophia makes some awesome crocheted zombies ; ) Here are some pics of her creations:

    Hi Heather- Thanks for the awesome comment! I DO check on treasure possibilities but the chances of that are pretty slim with prints….which is what I use 99% of the time. It’s true that some rare lithographs are out there though. If the printing process/image looks rare- I will hold back…Usually, if the print IS worth anything it’s only about 10$ – 20$….and more are available online. Why can’t I be the person that finds the lost Van Gogh though???? I certainly shop at enough thrift stores ; )