Getting the mail can be such a drag, especially when you know the only thing in there is bills. But, when you are expecting something, the arrival of the mail is an exciting time, full of anticipation. That is the idea behind Not Another Bill. Not Another Bill is a UK based company that sends you a surprise once a month in the mail. You pick your interests, and subscribe to their services, and then they send you (wherever in the world you live), a package/letter/parcel with something that they think you would like by one of their collaborators. These collaborators are established brands, designers, and artists.

Not only do they make getting the mail more exciting, but they also make it more beautiful. All of their packages come in beautifully designed boxes or envelopes. Even the letters from their collaborators are made with care and aesthetics in mind. The brand as a whole is well designed, and managed. Check out their website for an example of what I am talking about. Everything is clean, simple, and beautiful. This, along with the fact that their surprises seems to have the artist in mind, make Not Another Bill, in my opinion, a huge competitor in the subscription-based gift industry.