Making of Yellowstone Poster for 59 Parks Series

After creating the Big Bend National Park poster we thought our participation with the Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series was over. But thanks to JP Boneyard, creator and curator of the series, we got to participate once again to create a poster for our favorite park, Yellowstone! These 18x24", 4 color screen prints are already available to purchase at Got get one!

Krystal and I used to live right next to the West Yellowstone entrance back in college, so Yellowstone National Park has a special place in our hearts for all the great memories we have there. But distilling it all down into a single image to depict that park was no easy task. For a while we wrestled with what scenery we wanted to illustrate, and we came up with a lot of locations within the park. Our fear was that we make a generic Yellowstone poster and it would get lost in the sea of other parks posters out there. Though the more we thought about it, the more we wanted this poster to feel quintessentially "Yellowstone", so we included everything that makes that park special. The composition or content isn't groundbreaking, so we focused on making the artwork itself more compelling. We hope you enjoy it!

It started really rough, and really took shape after some texture effects and hours of painting digitally! We thought you would like to see how it was all done so check out the video below! Enjoy!