Little Braver of the Woods Kids Tees

So I am sure you all saw our new Brave the Woods Tee designs for adults, and now we have a design for kids! Of course, we figured the kids tee needed a lot more forest animals on it. Keep an eye on our Little Braver of the Woods line for kids, as we are hoping to make it into something a lot bigger in the near future!

For this tee we wanted to encourage kids to get outside an explore. Our company name, Brave the Woods, is not simply a name, it’s a call to action, to be adventerous and curious. It is what we believe and how we work. Kids are the best at doing this, just sometimes they need a push. The design was meant to have a summer camp vibe, with a hint of vintage children's books.

Again, our goal is to print these here very soon. Let us know if this tee would interest you at all, and we will do our best to get these printed along with the adult, Brave the Woods Tees. Thanks!