If I had all the monies in the world, I would be buying fonts like it was my job. Unfortunately this isn't the case so I prey on sweet sales or do a lot of saving to get the fonts I need. Well folks, a glorious light has pierced through the grey skies of this sad reality, and it is shining down upon us all week. This is the Fontacular event of the century, nay, of all time!

This typographic savings spectacle started yesterday, Dec.2 and will go until Dec.6. The folks at are unleashing a myriad of mind-blowing sales on their fonts. Each day they will announce a new batch of fonts, reaching sale prices up to 90% off, maybe more! Buy fonts individually, or buy them in bundles, there are sales to be had for everyone! So don't only keep a keen eye each day for new deals, but also look for amazing giveaways from their partners, Mama's Sauce, Tattly, Field Notes, and Typefight! Including a Fontacular screen printed poster created by us at Brave the Woods!

In fact, we designed the look of the entire campaign as well. Working the the folks at has always been a pleasure. So when they came to us, asking if we would brand this amazing event, we were elated. Below you can see a few samples of what we created, but better yet, go check out all the sales on fonts here!