Featured Student Projects from my Skillshare Course

Bethan Janine Westran

Sadly, my online Skillshare course, Communicate with Color, Pattern and Texture, is now over. I can't express how truly enjoyable the process of teaching and interacting with this class was. There was over a thousand students who ended up attending, which was exciting and terrifying. This was my first time teaching a course, and having that many people interested in what I had to share was humbling. I don't know how many of my students read my blog, but I want to thank each of them for participating and helping me learn as well. Most often in my life, if I have to explain what I am doing, I end up understanding it so much better. This was an amazing experience that I will definitely take part in again in the near future. So stay posted for my next course.

With such a range of experience and background with the students in my class, I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work displayed in the projects that were created. As a result, I chose a handful (maybe two handfuls) of projects that I felt really exemplified the theories taught in the class. Choosing 14 out of 300+ projects wasn't easy, so please, see all the rest of the amazing work done here.

Anna Dunn

Stephanie Banszky

Christine Fleming

Kimberly Carney

Kate Holloway

Carey Pietsch

Trina Dalziel

Tanya Sevas

Marie Mainguy

Ez Pudewa

Jen W

Scott Franson

Erica Mulherin