Danthonia Designs Sign-Making Videos

Sign-Making is an art that is getting lost in the advancements of technology. The ability to just print a sign on vinyl has taken away a lot from the art of hand-making a sign from scratch. When we found this video series on 's blog, we thought it might be worthwhile to show for anyone who is interested in the process of creating a sign. It takes time, hard-work, and craft to be able to make a sign, but the end-product is worth the work. The series is in three parts, so be sure to keep reading to see the other two. 

Danthonia Designs is a custom sign workshop in Inverell, Australia. They make hand-crafted, dimensional signs for worldwide clients. They specialise in sculpting, gilding and chisel-carved lettering. More information about Danthonia Design and their work can be found here.