Campy Creatures Game

There is something about a good card game amongst friends that makes for a great time and great memories. We'll admit that when we saw the new Campy Creatures game by Keymaster Games we were first drawn in by the incredible artwork displayed on the box. But when we took a closer look, we discovered this classic monster-inspired bluffing game is more than just amazing art, it seems to be a lot of fun to play too. We pre-ordered our own, now take a look why you will want to as well!


For those of you admiring the incredible artwork, you have the extremely talented Josh Emrich to thank for that. His inspiration came from his love of classic horror movie posters and pulp fiction. Despite the mashup of monsters and genres, Emrich expertly tied them all together with a cohesive style feeling both fresh and nostalgic at the same time. Below is a small sampling of the art he created for the game, but you can find more on the game's Kickstarter page and via his Instagram account.


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Want to see how the game is played? Watch this video to see a walk-through of standard game play.