Brave Kids Art Club

Many of you have known about our latest adventure for a little while now, but we figure it is time to officially announce our fun new side project: Brave Kids Art Club!

The pandemic has brought many new challenges, and one of the biggest ones for us personally, is finding ways to entertain our kids that we feel good about –– read: less video games and mindless TV more educational or creative content.

In order to accomplish this, Brad started , a daily art show on Youtube. In the short episodes, he teaches kids to draw animals with easy to follow steps that make learning art simple and fun for kids (and adults). Throughout the episode he also gives facts about the animals, and encourages kids to be embracing their individuality and be brave, through creativity. 

The channel is called the Brave Kids Art Club, because you have to be brave to be an artist. Through art, Brad wants kids to teach kids that it is okay to be different, unique, and take chances, and that embracing their individuality through creativity is brave and positive.  

It also wouldn’t be a Brave the Woods project without some awesome merch to go along with it! We have kid’s tees, adult tees, and mugs featuring the Brave Kids Art Club mascot Billy the Bear. We also most recently picked up some sweet logo stickers from Sticker Mule to pass out. We love working with Sticker Mule and have printed all of our logo stickers with them and have absolutely loved the quality, so if you ever run into us, ask us for some stickers (I guarantee we will have some on us.)

Brave Kids Art Club posts a new episode every weekday M-F around noon. Check it out, SUBSCRIBE, share with your friends and family and always remember to Be Brave, Be Creative, and Most Importantly Be YOU!