Artists for Education: 1 Week Left for Unlimited Teacher Downloads

It has officially been 6 weeks since the launch of AFE!

Close to 500 posters have already been downloaded, 98% of which were free downloads for use in schools! We have been so happy with the reception that AFE has received, and that teachers are hearing about and taking advantage of the amazing resources AFE has to offer!

Our goal was to get these posters in classrooms around the country, and we are happy to say that we are accomplishing that goal! In order to keep accomplishing that goal, we have to be able to run and manage AFE, which leads to a change in how AFE will operate.

Changes in Operation

For the first 6 weeks, we wanted to show everyone the potential of AFE, so we made all posters available for free downloads. In one week, you will start to see some changes to the way things are done as we will be shifting into our next phase of operation. With exception of a few posters, all of the posters will now have a “lock” on them for downloads. In order to “unlock” a poster to be made available for download by teachers, 20 posters (high-quality giclée prints) need to be sold. There will be a progress bar on each poster tracking these sales.


New Poster releases!

We will release new posters every few weeks (the upcoming ones in the queue are amazing). These new posters will also be locked until they reach their sales goal, and then will be unlocked with the option for teachers to download them. Whenever a poster is unlocked, there will always still be an option to purchase the high quality giclée version of the poster.


You will start to notice sponsored posters as well. We have had companies reach out that are interested in helping with AFE in some way. These companies will be sponsoring posters, which means they bypass the locked time and are made immediately available for download by teachers. If you know any companies who would be interested in sponsoring a poster, please send them our way:

What you can do!

Continue to spread the word about AFE. Encourage people to purchase posters to support education. If you are a teacher, make a wishlist (click the heart under a poster to add to wishlist). This wishlist can be shared with friends, family and parents in your community to buy the poster prints for you!

Teachers: We acknowledge that this model may seem like a bummer for teachers, but please understand that we are doing this to make AFE even better for you. With this next phase, we will be able to continue to make more  incredible educational posters and do more for public schools!

STAY TUNED! We are excited for this next phase of AFE! There are so many more amazing posters, news, and initiatives to come!