AFE + The Young Writer’s Program

Just recently our other baby, Artists for Education, collaborated with NaNoWriMo and created a poster to be included in their Young Writers Program kits they send out to teachers for free around the world! They provided the wonderful content and we designed the poster. If you are a teacher, download it for free to put up in your classroom! Or if you know a teacher who could use it, please support AFE and purchase one for them!

NaNoWrimo is a non-profit who encourage, help and challenge writers to write an entire novel within the month of November. You can choose to add your novel directly to their website, find inspiration within their multitude of resources, and connect with their community of writers for support!

Their Young Writers Program also challenges writers to accomplish word-count goals but it is for writers under age 17. Not only that but YWP helps K-12 educators facilitate the NaNoWriMo challenges/goals within schools around the world! And as mentioned before, they also provide free motivational material, workbooks, and more.  To be included in their kits we also created a chart for teachers to track their student's word-count goal progress.

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Twitter: @nanowrimo

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