We met in college where Brad was pursuing a BFA in graphic design, and Krystal a communication degree. As we grew interested in each other, we also became interested in each other’s careers which led to intersecting classes and intersecting future goals. We told ourselves that someday we would start a creative studio together, and create the kind of work we loved for clients and causes we loved. Someday came, and Brave the Woods was born.

Brave the Woods is not simply a name, it’s a call to action to be adventurous and curious. It is what we believe and how we work. Our work is always evolving as we experiment, play and continue putting in the mileage. But the path to creative breakthroughs isn’t one we venture alone. We tend to surround ourselves and collaborate with talented individuals and companies, elevating our work and making awesome new friends.



Strategy/Operations + Writer + Co-Founder

Krystal has always loved all things creative. Though admittedly not artistically inclined, she channels her creativity in strategic and written outlets. When not working, she spends her time chasing around her little kids and puppies, reading, sewing, traveling, or watching movies with her husband.



Designer + Illustrator + Co-Founder

Brad’s passion for creating started from a very young age. He grew up doing things like drawing along with art shows on PBS, illustrating books, designing CB radio outposts in his backyard, painting portraits and more. When he “grew up” he earned a BFA in graphic design, but his love of painting and illustration never left him. Aside from being an artist, he enjoys spending time traveling and enjoying the great outdoors with his beautiful wife and kids.